freeline-21 - Page 85

Made In England
(Above) Katie Wilkinson with another Cotswold stunner.
(Below) Kieran Kelly with another lovely Oxford mid-thirty
had just moved in there because of
them. I’ve put just one rod on the nuts
amongst the particles, off to the left of
the island near a small snag. The other
two are on boilies, one pop-up, one
bottom bait, and are either side of the
main channel amongst a scattering of
New Grange boilies. Let’s see, shall
So, Joe Bonamassa on the radio
behind me and a curry and a cold bottle of wine in the cool bag. Time to
settle down for the night. Let’s hope
I’m tapping away on this again before
I leave in the morning.
It’s almost dark and I was sitting
here reading when, above me I heard,
‘Twit Twoo!’ Up above me, not ten
yards away, is a tawny owl. I walked
along the bank a little with the binoculars so that I could get a better look
at him, and stared right into his face.
After a short while he flew off, gliding
silently above me and off into the
woods. Magic!
Time to go now. Nothing happened
during the night, apart from a rudd
attacking the pop-up and getting me
all excited an hour after midnight. Still
happy with the move; I know I would


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