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Made In England
Keith’s Carp of the Month
Matt Spong with a worthy winner of the Sprit Level Award.
have been annoyed with myself if I’d
stayed and blanked. All in all, a very
satisfactory session topped by a bit of
a lump. I’ve just noticed an interesting by-product of using particles.
They obviously attract the rudd in to
feed, and when you put them under a
snag tree, that allows a lovely perch
for a kingfisher to fish from. I’ll have to
be prepared for that next week and
have the camera on a tripod and
zoomed in to the tree. Talking of kingfishers, and all manner of bird life, one
of my leaving presents on Thursday
was an ID book of British Birds – a
marvellous choice by my mate Porky.
I’ll have to bring it with me next week
because there are a lot of warblers
and finches down here that I’m not
used to seeing. Oh, would you believe
it? I just looked up to my left, and
there on the bark of a large birch tree
is a tree creeper. Haven’t seen one of
them for a couple of years (last one
was down at Broad Oak) but it’s too
high to photograph – maybe next
time. Yep, all in all a really good ses-
sion; I saw quite a few fish, and
caught one as well, and saw a
plethora of bird life too. The A303
beckons, then I’ll complete this at
The journey home was a lot less
painful than Friday’s sojourn, but a
handful of grandchildren meant that
the day passed noisily and quite
speedily. I still managed to catch a bit
of the cricket, though, and marvelled
at Ian Bell’s resilience and composure, especially after that bizarre
‘out’/’not out’ scenario. We’re in a
great position to win the test and, as
usual, you already know that result,
and probably the next. Are we number one in the world yet?
Anyway, let’s finish up with some
fine captures. Last month Dan Coppen appeared in here with a new personal best common of 29lb. Well,
within a week he’d bettered that and
had caught one of 31lb 8oz. He’s definitely on a roll now, and to think
when he first met me last year he’d
barely caught a double figure carp! I
gave him the names of a couple of
waters that Clive Williams has featured in his Sussex Carping directory
and asked him if he’d mind doing a bit
of field testing for us. The lake that he
had the 31 from is in the book, but
Dan was already fishing that so I can’t
give Clive total credit for that, however he went to another in East Sussex last week called Merrick’s Lake,
and landed a couple including a stunningly scaled upper double. Good
work Dan, and Clive. The book’s out in
November so keep an eye out for it if
you’re looking for somewhere to fish
in Sussex.
Oxfordshire seemed to feature
quite highly in last month’s column,
and Myles Gibson landed one of the
many stunning fish that the county’s
lakes hold in the shape of a 42lb double row linear from maybe the same
lake that the record bream came
from? No hiding where Simon Ashton’s wonderful 34lb zip linear came
from – Linear’s Hardwick Lake – and
that on a session that he started out


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