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Made In England
Dan Bruton with one of the best lookers in the land.
tench fishing. Another Oxfordshire
cracker was trapped by Mark Young,
who found an almost empty lake
when he arrived. Oh, what to do? He
saw carp in a couple of different areas
and eventually settled in one, and
landed a beautiful 38lb mirror – good
choice, eh? Not far away, but probably
closer to where I was angling last
month, Dean Connor has persevered
fruitlessly on a 120-acre Cotswold
lake for the past three years, but at
last it came right and I would think
that the 35lb carp meant more to him
than any carp he has ever landed.
Bloody well done, Dean. Definitely in
the same area, Katie Watkinson
landed a stunning looking mirror from
a South Cerney lake. She was fishing
close to a snag and had to leap in
every time she hooked a carp. Fair
play, girl – lovely carp.
I’m always banging on about how
wonderful the carp in Oxfordshire and
Wiltshire are, and as if to confirm that,
have a look at the lovely 35lb linear
that Kieran Kelly caught from an
Oxfordshire syndicate water. But for
incredible looking carp, have a look at
these two. Dan Bruton reckons this
38lb 14oz Cambridgeshire mirror is
probably one of the best lookers in the
country, and I’m not about to disagree
with him, but maybe Matt Spong is.
Look at that! You’d give your left arm
to catch something like that, wouldn’t
you? How big? Who cares? Well done,
Matt. When I see you at Sandown,
which I obviously will, I will hand you
the coveted Spirit Level Award, which
you richly deserve, mate.
Also richly deserved was Andy
Muir’s new personal best from the
Roach Pit in the shape of a 49lb 10oz
mirror. Andy had endured a 250-mile
journey to the lake, arriving at dusk,
but was up at first light and preparing
to move when he noticed some bub-
bles in the area of his hookbait, so
decided to put off the move for half an
hour. Good decision I reckon, Andy.
Well done. Finally let’s go back to the
commons. Rob recently mentioned
how many big commons there seem
to be around at the moment (and I’m
fishing for three different thirty nines
in Ashmead), and there’s a certainly
poignancy to the last capture this
month because one of the most memorable photos of a common carp is
that of the Snake Pit Common being
held by Damian Clarke. That fish has,
sadly, long gone, but there seem to be
a few others to take its place, and Rob
Willingham is proudly holding one of
them – all 46lb of it. Marvellous!
Right. That’s me done for this
month. I hope you enjoyed this little
diary-style diversion. I may revisit it in
future months, but I have a feeling the
content may not be so rewarding. So
long, and see you somewhere soon. n


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