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Made In England
original tunes on there – Help Me and
Caught Out amongst them – but the
highlight has to be her 13-minute version of Robin Trower’s Daydream. We
saw her perform it live and it was
incredible, and I have to say it’s just as
good on the album, with nine minutes
of beautiful guitar solo. This girl’s got
some real talent; I just hope that
someone out there realises and can
let her demonstrate it. Can’t wait for
her to come around here again soon.
Check out her website and go on the
videos – that’ll give you a pretty good
idea what to expect!
Finally, we have Yes. I’m off to see
them in November and, barring the
absence of Jon Anderson, it’s pretty
much a classic lineup, with Geoff
Downes, Alan White and Steve Howe
reuniting with Chris Squire. The new
album, Fly from Here, just came out so
I thought I’d better get up to speed
and find out what new vocalist,
Benoit David, was like. I’ve given it a
couple of listens (to and from Yeovil)
and I’m very happy with it. There’s
the usual, what would have been,
side-filler in the 21-minute title track,
which is split into six pieces, and that
gets it off to a great start, giving David
a chance to show off his remarkable
similarity to Anderson in the vocal
department. Steve Howe has his
(Above) Yes – well, yes actually!
(Left) Chantel – what a guitarist!
What a voice! What a talent!
usual classical guitar outing on Solitaire, and either side of that are a couple of really good tracks – Life on a
Film Set and Into the Storm. All in all I
can’t wait to get into it again, and am
really looking forward to November in
Right, next month I’ll be eulogising
about Weyfest, which Lin and I are
going to at the beginning of September, and I’ve also got my eye on a couple of new releases that are coming
out, including an album by Mountain
guitarist Leslie West.
In the meantime, just let it roll, roll,
roll. n


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