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My Last Few Months…
f you had been following my
previous diaries you would
have read that I was taking a
break from writing to concentrate on the Football Lake and
attempting to catch the resident biggie in there. Well, within a few
weeks of its previous capture she was
caught again, and with the fish rarely
getting caught more than twice in
any year I decided to call it a day on
there and return once again in the
spring. So here I am again. Over this
month’s diary piece I’ll give you a
catch up on what I’ve been up to over
the last few months, and then from
next month I’ll go back to my monthby-month goings on.
As always I’m going to start with a
few captures from a few of my friends,
and over the last few months Richard
French has steadily been getting
amongst them on his new water.
After finally catching the Brute (as I
showed in my last diary), Rich moved
on to a big pit close by and here are
just a few of the fish he’s had so far.
All these fish have been on the
Scopex Squid Red. (Erm, where are
the promised captures, or are they
just pictures? – Phil).
Neil Haynes has continued where
he left off on Dinton this year with a
few fish on the Scopex Squid including a stunning couple of mirrors to
32lb-plus. Another mate of mine is
Kenny Johnson from Kent. I have
known Kenny for some years now and
we met when I was in the plumbing
trade. He has been fishing Chillham
Mill this year and he sent me a few
pictures of some of his recent captures, all of which have been on the
Monster Squid.
The other person who I must mention is my good friend Matt who has
quietly been doing his thing over on
Ben Lofting’s Cleverley Mere. Just
recently he texted me to tell me that
he had caught Chester the big common at a cracking weight of 41lb
11oz, and then a week later I received
a text to let me know he had also
caught Hendrix at 42lb 10oz. Now
Matt’s not one for publicity so I don’t
have pictures, but I just wanted to
congratulate him on his season. Top
angling, mate; I’m well pleased for
Right, on with what I’ve been up to
since I last wrote. We pick up in early
May when I was doing the 90-plus
mile drive to Football Lake every Sunday night so that I could continue to
keep the bait in, and then from there I
would drive up to Norfolk to fish
Lenwade, which was another 145
miles from Football. I was then doing
four nights on Lenwade before doing
the drive back to Football to bait up
once again and then heading home
later Friday afternoon. I have to be
honest here and say that the journey
to Lenwade was one that I really wasn’t enjoying, but I continued to do it,
as I didn’t really have anywhere else
to fish until my Cemex Road Lake
ticket started in June. I had caught a
couple of fish in the shape of a 22lb
common and a 20lb 14oz mirror so far
from the lake, but I couldn’t get into
the place and I wasn’t enjoying my
angling. I really wanted to be on Football and made the decision that I was
going to return there the following
week. That Tuesday though, the 17th
May I got the call saying that she had
Rich with a first night 30lb 6oz.


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