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Rotary Letter
would be, what’s the point? You can
buy UK bred and reared fish of those
weights; it’s not ideal, but it’s a much
better option, so why import? I suppose the answer is money, but surely
it makes better long-term financial
sense to do things the right way and
not let the fishery get sullied with a
name for importation. Surely by
importing fish into the water you are
severely cutting the number of potential customers? But that’s just my ten
pence worth.
Back to this month’s questions…
Question 1
This winter has taken me a bit by surprise – firstly I wasn’t expecting the
mild weather after the last three winters! But more importantly I expected
most waters to fish really well in the
milder conditions. Throughout
December and January we regularly
had days where the temperatures
reached double figures and the nights
weren’t much cooler, and I must
admit I expected to catch more and
hear more reports of others catching
around the country. I suppose you
could argue that there have been a lot
more fish out this winter than previous winters, but I’m sure that is down
to the fact that a lot more anglers are
making the most of the milder conditions and getting on the bank. I’m
sure that if you break it down to rod
hours per fish then it will probably
work out about the same as the last
few winters.
The main reason that I can think of
for the poor fishing is that the weed is
still present and still growing in a lot
A winter capture from a changing bite time.
of waters and there is still an abundance of natural food for the fish to
eat so they don’t need our bait. I think
the fish are going about their normal
winter routine, whether that is hanging midwater, or holding up in weed
or snags, but when they are coming
out for a feed (which is probably more
often than usual) they are going
straight to a regular natural food
source, such as a bloodworm bed or
picking snails and insects from their
weedy/snaggy retreats. This means
they won’t have to search for our bait
and expend energy doing it. Although
if you look on the bright side it mean
there are going to be some healthy
spring weights in March and April.
Question 2
Fruit flavours have always done well
in winter, and I have caught well on
A fish from a colder winter, but why haven’t more fish been caught this year?
them in the past, but I have always
believed it is that they tend to be
strongly flavoured and bright in
colour that catches the fish’s attention and not so much the fruity
flavour. I am planning on renewing a
campaign on a water I fished a lot in
the warmer months soon and I like
the concept of bright baits, but I think
I would be daft to go with the Tuttis or
other fruit flavours after the success I
had on my food bait. This was a result
of a baiting campaign in the autumn,
so I will be using The Edge flavour
(including the GLM digest) in a fluoro
colour. It seems Aqua Dynamix aren’t
unique in doing this and a few other
companies are doing their normal
range of bait with a fluoro hookbait,
so it will be interesting to see if the
anglers that have stuck to their usual
mix but gone for the brighter colours
have had the same results as those
that have changed to the fruit
flavours. Time will tell.
Is it the fruit flavours that catch the
carp or just the strong attractors and


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