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Rotary Letter
Winter winners.
Guaranteed to work.
Most fruity type flavours are alcohol
based (ethyl or isopropyl), and alcohol, being perhaps the most water
soluble solvent used, means that they
leach out of baits extremely well.
Pineapple flavour in particular has a
bit of an added advantage also, in that
it will often contain traces of bromelain, an enzyme that will aid a carp’s
digestion, although for bigger quantities of this enzyme you would be better off grating pineapple skin and
including that in your bait! Flavours
based on glycerol and propylene glycol are usually good also; flavours that
include creamy type flavours and that
all-time favourite Scopex I believe.
And then there are the spicy
flavourings. I’m not sure what these
are based on but in the past I’ve done
well on flavours such as Megaspice
and Indian Spice with a pinch of
Garam Masala powder added for
good measure. Perhaps the only
flavouring that I’m not that keen on in
winter are the oil based ones, plus I
avoid using bulk oils altogether as I
think these ‘seal in’ attractors within
the bait therefore they have very little
leach off at all. That said, I have done
well using low levels of essential oils
in conjunction with ordinary flavours
in my bait in winter, with clove, cinna-
mon, bitter almond, bergamot or
eucalyptus being some of the ones
that I have had most success with.
Finally, to mention some absolute
winning winter readymades that I’d
be confident and happy to use anywhere in winter – Nash Bait’s Scopex
Squid, Quest Baits’ Raja Spice, Mainline Cell, or as I mentioned before, the
o l d f a i t h f u l R i c h w o r t h Tu t t i s o r
Pineapple Hawaiians. All of these
baits have an excellent track record;
the rest is up to you!
At this point I’d better throw out a
bit of an apology to all of the bait
companies that I haven’t mentioned,
because they will they will probably
cop the hump and be thinking, “He
didn’t mention us!” Well, all I can say
to that is sorry; I can only write about
what I personally have tried and have
knowledge of. The thing is, to me, bait
gurus such as Rod Hutchinson, Gary
Bayes, Shaun Harrison, Steve Morgan,
Kev Knight, Bill and Skid, Mike Willmott, Bob Baker and Lockey go back
years and have a vast knowledge of
Two of the best.
Lots of enzymes in this.
bait – in fact most of these people
have probably forgotten more about
bait than most people now know
about it!
Although not in his nature, it’s a
pity that Fred Wilton didn’t start up a
bait company years ago, because as a
result, he and all of his family would
now probably be millionaires, and
very well deserved too. I can hear the
newcomers out there thinking, who
the bloody hell is he? Well actually, he
was the person who invented boilies;
he recognised the importance of feeding our beloved carp with a nutritional food source and he recognised
the importance of prebaiting, and all
of this back in the 1970s – respect.
Spring mortalities... This is something that happens every year on a lot
of waters but unfortunately there is
not a great deal we can do to prevent
it from happening. I run my own
water, Cotton Farm, and I must admit
to crossing my fingers in the springtime and then breathing a sigh of
relief if it passes without any fatali-


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