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Rotary Letter
flavour, which is well worth a try if
you want to be a little bit different
from the rest.
Question 3
As I’ve touched on briefly in the
question about poor winter catches, I
think that light levels are possibly the
most important factor there is regarding winter behavior in the underwater
world. If you look at the month of February particularly you will see a definite pattern emerging that only holds
one constant, and that is the light levels. February has long been my
favourite month for big fish captures,
and I have written reams about it over
the years. There is a period during the
latter half of the month when fish, all
over the country, will suddenly come
Real winter fishing.
Monks Pit this winter the fish have
been caught quite regularly, but,
unusually, from all areas of the lake,
moving after a sustained period of
angling pressure rather than staying
put and just going off the feed. As a
result of this there have not been as
many short bursts of multiple catches
but far more fish on the bank overall
and areas are being fished out a lot
quicker than in cold water conditions.
This winter aint
been all bad.
Question 2
I’m not actually sure I like being
referred to as a ‘Rotarian’, as for me
that conjures up images of old folks
rattling collection tins while Santa
gets paraded up the street on the
back of a lorry blaring out a distorted
version of ‘Good King Wenceslas’.
As for the cold water bait flavours
though; I can answer that one with no
Possibly the best ever winter
hesitation. When I used to be into
making my own baits I always went
for flavours based on ‘amyl acetate’
during the winter, this is the pineapple, pear drop, tutti type smell that
catches in your throat if it is too
strong. We even managed to source
some of the neat flavour base from
somewhere one year but it was so
strong it could strip the paint off the
kitchen door! Nowadays I leave the
mixing of the flavours and bases to
those who know far more about it
than I do and I rely on Mainline to
provide me with the very best blend
of attractors possible. For me the
Pineapple is always going to be far
and away the best single option,
although saying that, I have been
doing extremely well over the past
two years with the new Indian Spice
on the feed and I usually refer top this
as ‘the window of opportunity’ and it
often happens simultaneously on a
massive variety of waters. Not only
does it occur every year at roughly the
same time but, most importantly, the
weather conditions seem to have little or nothing to do with it. It can be
the mildest February on record, it can
be windy, cold and calm, frosty or
whatever, it seems to make very little
If you look at plants, they react to
light levels as much if not more than
they do temperatures and, I believe
anyway, so does the life cycle at the
bottom of our lakes. Weed, trapped
oxygen and gases and all the inveterate life forms that make up a carp’s
natural diet must react to something.
They must have a clock that tells


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