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Rotary Letter
them when they need to start moving
around and growing or emerging in
order to ensure everything runs to
plan, all the dates are hit and the
spring, when it arrives, springs on
time and not halfway through the
This subsurface waking up of the
millions of microscopic and larger
organisms cannot go unnoticed by
the carp, and I believe this is what
they set their watches by, and this is
what triggers that February ‘giveaway’ if you are lucky enough to be
angling on the correct days. This
must happen throughout the whole
year to some degree, but, in times of
hardship during winter when the food
levels are low, I think it is far more
pronounced, and, as such, we really
notice the effect it has on our fishing.
Question 4
I do not profess to be any sort of an
expert of fish mortalities; everything I
have learnt about carp over many
years has always been with the sole
intended result of catching more of
them. I agree though, the fish mortality rate does seem high during March
as the water warms up, but I don’t
think that this is always when the fish
Not a bite on the lake for two
months and then 5 in a day when
the light levels picked up.
have actually died. Sometimes carcasses can be noticeably decayed,
even though they have been
immersed in freezing cold water. I
assume that this is often just when
the fish pops to the surface due to gas
buildup, but, as I have already said, I
am no expert. As for doing something
about it, well I doubt very much if this
could be achieved as nature has a
way of keeping its own equilibrium,
and tampering with nature, in my
experience, often does more harm
than good in the long run. n
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