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Baitzone PVA Friendly Tiger Nuts Tips
PVA bags work superbly with these
PVA-friendly baits.
Try a single or double nut fished in a
P VA b a g o f t i n y p e l l e t s o r P VA
friendly hempseed – a very underused
method but one that I’ve found to be
extremely effective. Despite this
effectiveness, to be honest tigers
don’t need to be used in large quantities, so there’s no real need to go mad
with kilo upon kilo of bait. A couple of
handfuls around each hookbait or
mixed with a few handfuls of hemp or
parti-blend is usually enough to get
the best results.
Make no mistake tigers catch an
awful amount of big fish, and these
Mix with small 10mm baits for super
PVA friendly ones from Baitzone are
Rig choice. When it comes to rigs
and presentations, I like to use shorter
length hooklinks when using nuts,
and usually combine a curved type
hook like the Covert Muggas with
either a coated hooklink or soft braid
when using solid bags. You can of
course present tigers as bottom baits
or by using a small cylinder of cork or
rig foam drill out the inner of the nut
and replace it with the buoyant material. Popped up tiger nuts can be used
on a number of rigs and can be a
deadly method in the height of summer. Luckily these days those clever
people at Enterprise supply excellent
imitation tigers that can be used
singly, or as I prefer, in tandem with a
standard sinking nut.
Another great edge is to mix both
tigers and small 10mm size boilies, I
did just that back in the summer of
2010 on a brand new water combining Richworth Baits’ then new XLR8
and some Baitzone tiger nuts. The
results were instant, as I went on to
land a number of fish in just a few
short sessions. This mixture gives the
angler the best of both worlds and
creates a perfect food and attraction
If you’ve never used tiger nuts
The awesome Spomb delivery system.
before or are unsure on how to prepare them properly and safely, I suggest you look at a ready-cooked version like these ones from Baitzone.
The Baitzone ready prepared PVA
friendly tiger nuts are available from
all their stockists in 1 litre or 3 litre
tubs at just £6.99 for the smaller and
£14.99 for the larger size amounts.
For more information on any of the
range of baits, go to their website at n
Tiger nut result – ignore them at your peril!


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