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Made in England
He was fishing a lake close to where
we were, a few years back, and during
the night a guy came along who was
fishing down the bank and told Dave
he’d had a 27lb carp. It was a deep
lake so Dave told him to sack it up
and they’d take photos in the morning. As the sun rose, Dave went along
to the guy’s swim, and they got
everything ready before pulling the
sack from the water but, straightaway, Dave could see something was
wrong, and sure enough there was –
the fish was dead. The guy was really
cut up about it, really cut up, and
Dave was a bit worried about him, so
decided to phone the guy’s mate who
was fishing on another lake. When he
explained what had happened the
other angler was dumbstruck, not
because of his mate’s reaction but
because he’d just been down to take
a photo of a carp someone had caught
during the night and the fish was
dead in the sack!
Strange happenings indeed. My old
mate Reg had a similar thing recently,
well, not dead fish and all that but
51lb of obsession achieved for Scott
quite a strange happening. He’s
started fishing a new lake and on his
second visit he bagged himself a 29lb
common on the first afternoon of his
session. Made up, he asked one of the
other guys to take a few photos,
which he duly did. They chatted for a
bit before the guy commented that it
was a full moon that night and one of
the big commons was due out. Reg
was pretty happy with a 29lb common, to be fair, but then the guy got
out his iPhone, did a bit of thumb
twiddling, then declared, ‘8.10 tomorrow morning, you’ll have a big common. Trust me!’ Reg just laughed and
thought no more of it. At 7.20 the next
morning he hooked a good fish and
ten minutes later landed a 31lb common. See? I keep telling you, those
bloody iPhones are rubbish!
After my lovely northern excursion,
I had another date that I’d been quietly erupting about – a day with Sir
P e t e a n d L o r d K e n . Ye p , P e t e
Springate and Kenny Hodder were
coming round to my house to sit and
discuss their time on Wraysbury. Not
just Pete, but Pete AND Ken! I was
almost dribbling at the prospect and
at the same time was ever so slightly
nervous. I’ve known Pete for many
years and we get on well; in fact
we’re off to see Joe Bonamassa next
month, but Kenny I’ve only ever spoken to very briefly at a Carp Society
conference, and a couple of times on
the phone. I didn’t really know how it
would go. Would I ask questions and
they provide answers? Would I just let
them chat, meandering from one
decade to the other, and then I’d sort
it out afterwards? The bottom line
was, I wasn’t really sure how keen
they were to do it, and I hoped I
wasn’t forcing it on them. Only time
would tell.
We started chatting at about ten in
the morning, and six and a half hours
later I was bidding them both
farewell. How did it go? Here’s the
start of a lovely letter that Kenny
wrote me a couple of days later.
Dear Keith,
Just a note to say how much I
enjoyed the day with you and Pete
and looking back at the great times
we had fishing Wraysbury No. 1, and
the fish we caught and lost. Chatting
about Wraysbury for something like
seven hours brought back many
memories, even when I went to bed
that night sleep was a lost cause…
That just about summed the whole


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