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Made in England
Lake record 44lb mirror for Tom
day up for the three of us. It was truly
delightful, and I felt privileged to have
been in the company of two true
angling legends. I now have the task
of turning that lovely day into a chapter that will convey all of those emotions and memories to the reader.
You’ll have to buy the book to see
how I fare.
Interestingly, if we hadn’t been producing Clive Williams’ Sussex Carping guide then I doubt that I would
have got the next little story. Clive has
been a Savay member for almost 25
years, and has enjoyed a few good
days on there (and quite a few not so
good) but none could compare to
what happened to him a couple of
weeks ago. He’d arrived at the beginning of the rota, on Saturday, and was
staying until Monday, that being not
only a Bank Holiday but his birthday.
Anyway, by Sunday morning he’d
seen nothing in the Cottage Bay so he
went for a walk along the road bank
and, lo and behold, there he found
three good carp feeding mere feet
from the bank. He crept close and
watched them for a while before
breaking up some boilies and dropping them on a couple of spots that
they seemed to be visiting regularly.
They readily ate a few bits, so he
dropped in a few more and went off
to… the café! Cool as you like, he just
left them to it, confident that they
would be there when he got back.
Sure enough, when he crept around
there the three fish were still milling
around, so he bided his time, and
when the coast was clear, lowered in
his bait on one of the spots. He’d
recognised all three fish; Wimbledon
Common, The Leather and the Trophy
fish, all well in excess of forty pounds,
and so when, not a minute later, the
line screamed from the reel he knew
he was playing a whacker! It was
very tight in there, and he had to
apply quite a bit of sidestrain but soon
enough he saw the Leather slowly
making its way to the outstretched
net – followed by Wimbledon Common! Far from being spooked by the
situation, it was casually swimming
along behind and merely drifted away
when the Leather finally went into
the net. At 43lb 15oz it was a new
English PB for Clive, but he also knew
that it was the smallest of the three
fish that were feeding on the spots,
and as Wimbledon Common had
obviously not been spooked he did
the most obvious thing – walked
away and went back to his bivvy!
He’d decided to put a little more
bait in and revisit it the next day, after
he’d packed everything away, but the
next day he wasn’t as cool, and by
7.30 in the morning everything was
on the barrow and he was around by
the bush with a rod, landing net and
unhooking mat. For a few hours nothing happened and he wondered if
he’d missed the chance, then, about
mid morning and without warning,
Wimbledon Common was there, feeding on the right hand spot. Clive hadn’t put a hookbait out as yet, and he
waited a little while longer as the big
common drifted off and back a few
times. Then, confident that it was
favouring one spot above the other,


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