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Made in England
the A27. The Nutsey Fish made
another visit to the bank and another
angler very happy, and after ten
months of chasing the fish, Scott Day
was elated when the 51lb carp finally
slid over his net cord. Not far away, at
Rockford, Tim Jackson was feeling a
similar elation when he finally landed
a fish he’d also been targeting for a
while, and once again the weight of
48lb-plus was the icing on the cake.
Finally this month, we pull into
Chichester. Excellent carp lakes
abound around the cathedral town,
and Tom Oliver settled on one of the
syndicates around there and pretty
soon caught the lake record at 44lb,
and what a beautiful fish it is as well.
If you want to know which lake it’s in,
maybe you’d better buy Clive’s book
to find out.
So, that seems quite a lot of waffle
for one month. There’s a lot more to
say but it’ll have to wait. And there’s
so much more to say about the
Wraysbury Chronicles but my wife
has sworn me to silence, on pain of
DIY! I’m afraid I can put up with most
things, but DIY… my lips are sealed!
We’re going to be at The Carp Society
Show at Sandown at the end of
November, with Clive’s ‘Sussex Carping’ guide, and also The Banned Edition of the Horton Chronicles. John
Grant’s picture for the cover of the
Limited Edition hardback is just
beautiful, so much so that we’ve done
a run of 500 numbered prints of it,
which will be on sale at the show.
They’re going to be £25 each, but if
you buy them with a copy of the book
we’ll be doing them at only £20. Talking of books and wonderful illustrations, someone recommended that I
look at Maurice Pledger’s ‘While My
Float’s Still Cocked’ and what a wonderful book it is – truly delightful.
Wonderfully illustrated by Maurice,
the stories are just magical. I highly
recommend it as a Christmas present
for your dad (or yourself); you won’t
be disappointed.
Right, that’s me done. I now have to
turn myself into a northerner before
then taking on the guise of a carp
angling gentleman, and legend. Not
sure which is going to be more difficult; I just hope I do them all some
justice. You can tell me next year.
Ey oop, I’m off (any good?). n
Weyfest Special
his month I will
mainly be talking
about Weyfest. After
having such a lovely
time at the Surreybased festival last
year, Lin and I were really looking forward to returning, and, I’m very glad
to say, we weren’t disappointed. The
weather looked like it had taken a
change for the better, with the rain
petering out in the middle of the
week, and apart from a few hours on
Sunday morning, the whole weekend
was lovely. Friday evening normally
sees a short acoustic set by two or
three bands, and so it was this year,
with the surprisingly good Mungo
Jerry closing the evening around
eleven o’clock. Last year one of the
highlights for me was a band called
Leatherat, and their album ‘Short
Time on Earth’ was reviewed in here
a month or so later, and has not been
out of my car stereo for more than a
week since then. So, when I bumped
into Pete, the lead singer and guitarist, I told how wonderful the title
track was, and that it was probably
one of the best songs I’d heard in the
past year – which it was, no fawning
at all. He thanked me and discussed
what they were going to play the next
day, then I began to say, ‘I write a column in a carp magazine and I…’ but
before I could say anymore he jumped
back and shouted ‘Big Carp monthly!’
I was slightly taken aback, but then
he told me that a mate of his, obviously a carp angler, had shown him
the review that I’d written about the
album, and that they were going to
use a quote from it in a future press
release! See, what have I been telling
you? And do you listen? No, you
bloody don’t. Well, you’ll be sorry,
you’ll see. I know people, y’know,
good people…
Sorry about that, just a little carried
away there. Sure, I know it wasn’t
Robert Plant or Slash, but you gotta
start somewhere, and I can think of
nowhere better than Pete wossisn a m e f r o m L e a t h e r a t . A n y w a y,
slightly wobbly Friday night, Lin a little fragile Saturday morning, but by
midday, and after a good old fry-up,
we made our way into the festival. It’s
so relaxed; take a couple of chairs,
‘Alright to put them here?’, sit down
for half an hour then wander off for a
bit, come back, and everything still as
it was – lovely.
Saturday was great. A couple of
good local bands followed by the
astounding Rodney Brannigan. He is
the most accomplished guitar player
Pete wassisiname from Leatherat – I
know ‘im y’know!


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