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Winter Woes and Creation of a Bait
at work turned out to be the same day
that I got laid off the previous year!
February 4th must be my unlucky
date; I’ll probably stay in bed next
I decided to make the most of my
newfound time, and once the lakes
had thawed I opted to leave the local
water and get back on the road to the
Nene Valley for a while. I had tried
everything in my dozen or so nights
on the local water, from a consistently
baited area of maggots, corn etc, to
casting singles or small bags at showing fish, trying different depths on the
steep shelf and finally zig rigs, but I
could only manage the three bites. I
shouldn’t kick myself too much
though because although the lake
was being fished regularly, the bites I
had were the only action the lake
threw up (that I know about) since
the middle of September until the
time of writing this.
I’d like to say that I had a big
change in fortune back on the Nene,
but in truth I continued to struggle for
a bite. In hindsight I probably should
have dabbled on the easier water
instead of the tricky Car Park Lake
that only contains 25 fish, but my the-
ory was to hold out for one of the big
girls! Despite being jobless I have
only been managing two or three
nights a week because of a few commitments. I was pleased to be offered
the position of Academy Manager at
Greys and Chub. It’s not a full time
role but there is a bit to do at the start
and show season is always busy for
every angling consultant. I have been
trying to get as much writing done as
possible – the offers and requests for
features, filming and other bits and
pieces have gone through the roof at
the minute and there seems like there
is always some writing or something
that needs doing! I have also been
taking my angling coaching badges
to hopefully do a few tutorials and
keep the bank manager happy. Basically to cut a long story short I have
(Top left) The only fish out of the
three-acre lake all winter 22lb 4oz.
(Top right) A cold snap.
(Below left) Frosty rods.
(Below right) Frozen bivvy.


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