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Winter Woes and Creation of a Bait
decided to take a year out from job
hunting, and my fiancée Zoe has gone
back to work part time, so I’m being a
house dad for two days, have Sundays
with Zoe and fish the other four. It’s
the first time I have done anything
like this because I have always
worked right from leaving college; I
just hope I have some savings left by
the end of the year!
Anyway I have probably bored you
all now with the happenings in my life
and lack of fish. I think I have made a
few mistakes this winter in the
choices I made – maybe I should have
found somewhere with proper winter
form or I probably should haven’t
gone the maggot, corn and black
foam route that I did, and maybe I
should have kept using and baiting
with the bait that I did so well on in
the spring, summer and autumn,
which leads me nicely on the subject
of creating a bait…
Creation of a Bait
Nearly two years ago I came up
with the idea of creating my own bait.
Basically what inspired me was that I
had been fishing Stoneacres for the
previous two and a bit years and I had
spent a lot of time and effort baiting
the water and getting the fish onto
the bait to the degree that they would
pick up the boilies without question.
In April 2010 one of the regulars
bagged my target fish, Choco. I later
learned that the angler had changed
the bait he was using to get on the
back of my baiting campaign and
used the bait I had been baiting heavily with for the last couple of years.
Although to be fair I shouldn’t have
been too aggrieved as I was on a pub-
licity deal to promote the bait and get
people to use it, but I was still gutted.
Anyway, this did me a huge favour in
the long run by inspiring me to create
my own unique bait that could be
used solely by me and no one could
get on the back of my baiting. Well
that was the original plan anyway, but
things changed later...
(Top) My setup on the three-acre lake.
(Below) Poolie’s at 44lb 14oz, the first
fish from fishing over the new bait.


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