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Winter Woes and Creation of a Bait
month or so until I decided what to
I really liked the idea of the natural
digest range that Aqua Dynamix were
producing. This product is a little different from most natural extracts
because of the way it is produced.
The natural product (worm, maggot
or oyster) is liquidised, pre-digested
with an enzyme and then pasteurised. When Rob Johnson
(owner/manager of Aqua Dynamix)
told me he was looking into doing a
Green Lipped Mussel digest to go
with the range, I knew it would complement the bait I put together, and
he was very keen to try it, so I handed
the recipe over. I can’t really print
what he said to me when he saw how
complex and expensive the mix was,
but we made a few minor alterations
to make it financially viable, such as
using the milk proteins and bird foods
(CLO sluis) that the other baits in the
range used. This helped drive down
the cost by buying in bulk, and Rob
sourced suppliers of the other ingredients to get a good cost. We also
made a few other changes to improve
the bait – adding GLM digest, a second fishmeal (but still kept the total
content at 20%), reducing the oil
needed, and hardening the bait to
make it more user friendly. The finished bait recipe contained 15 dry
ingredients, six of which were natural
extracts and six liquids, including the
GLM digest, so it’s is fair to say it is
very complex!
I won’t go into the individual
results I had on the bait because I
have already covered it in previous
issues Big Carp, but I will say I was
very happy with it, and once the fish
got on it they seemed to ignore other
baits that were introduced. I also
think that because of the high levels
of natural triggers that it is kicking
(Above) Another fish to fall for a
single food source bait.
(Left) The finished bait.
out, it fishes very well on naturally
rich waters, and I’m really looking forward to trying it on a big Cambs
water in the spring.
The bait had different working
titles at various stages of its conception, but it was Aqua Dynamix’s idea
to call it The Edge. They told me it
was because it consists of the first
and last two letters of my name, but
I’m sure it was just because they just
liked it! The Edge was released in
September and the feedback and
results were very positive. Call me a
soft sod, but I loved it when I got messages from people about catching
their PBs on the bait, but I suppose
that was bound to happen when a
bait is released in the big fish month
of September!
I’m looking forward to the spring
catch reports on the bait and hopefully getting amongst some chunks
myself. But the big fish might have to
wait a while, because my next session
is on Brasenose Two, which, believe it
or not, is going to be my first ever session at Linear.
So until next month, good luck and
slack lines! n


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