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The One That Got Away!
(Above) The other side of Rich’s 31.
(Below) Back on the Car Park and this
time in The Chair.
missed last month’s diary as I’d not
really had enough to write about, and
also Rob had mentioned that he had a
few articles backing up that he
needed to get in, so it suited us both
really. Rob got a couple of pieces in
from other people and I had a chance
to do some more fishing and give you
something better to read. This
month’s diary will therefore be about
my last couple of months’ angling.
After the results I’d had through
December my first session of the New
Year was back in the Hump swim. I
had planned to arrive on the Monday
but after talking to Dan who was
already on the lake I decided to go
down on the Sunday night and not to
fish but to have a social with him in
the shape of a few drinks. Well, a few
drinks turned into a bit of a session,
and when I woke up Monday morning
I wasn’t feeling my best. I wasn’t as
bad as a couple of other people
though, who will remain nameless.
They were more than a little worse for
wear, and one of them didn’t even
surface until after lunch. Anyway,
once I was up I went off and set up in
the Hump with the rods out on the
usual spots and some of the usual mix
of Bloodworm Extract Pellet, Pure
Liquid Krill, Oily Hemp and a few
other goodies out over the spots I got
a couple of hours’ much needed
After my little recovery sleep I sat
watching for signs of activity. At
4.27pm a set of ripples came out from
the snags to my right, and then at
8pm I received a liner off the right
hand rod. I naturally felt confident of a
bite, but when a good fish rolled out
towards the corner at 9.38pm and
then another one did the same at
11.22pm I was sure something was
going to happen. During the night
some savage winds arrived and several times I was woken by branches
falling from the trees and landing on
my rods.
I was up just before 6am the following morning and was surprised that I
had not had a take from the right rod
after all the activity I had witnessed
the previous evening. I was just getting the kettle on when I had a liner
on the middle rod and at first just put
it down to the winds as they were
really strong. But when some 40 minutes later I received another one on
that same rod and the bobbin rose
almost to the rod, I was sure I had fish
on me and it wasn’t just wind that
was causing it.
At 7.15 an almighty gust of wind
brought a tree crashing down somewhere behind me and with lots of
debris falling all the time and creaking of trees behind me I was sure I
was going to get flattened any time
soon. The tree turned out to be over


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