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The One That Got Away!
on Fox Pool, but less than an hour
later a big old oak tree came down out
on the road closing it until someone
could get it removed. I did consider
packing up due to the severity of
these winds but hey, I was on fish and
there was no way I was quitting.
At 11.01, just as I was pouring
water into my coffee I received a take
out of the blue on the right rod. The
line pulled tight and pinged out of the
clip, and this was followed by the rod
tip bending round – I was in. Just as I
reached the rod though everything
sprung back and the line went slack.
At first I thought that the fish was
coming towards me but on winding
down it soon became apparent that it
was gone and I had in fact been done!
On retrieving the rig I found the hook
link wrapped round the lead – I was
gutted. An hour later, on checking the
snags I found the Dink sitting there
feeling all sorry for itself with a fresh
scratch along the right side of its face
so I guess it was more than likely this
fish which had done me. I checked
again the following day and it was
still there sulking, so I’m pretty sure it
was that one that got away with it,
but never mind; you can’t win them
all. I did the next night but to be honest the corner looked dead and I
didn’t see a thing all evening. What
didn’t help was the torrential rain and
strong winds though; I couldn’t sit
out in that or I’d have been soaked in
The following morning I packed up
and was going to head to the Car Park
for a 48-hour session, but with the
weather as it was I opted to just nip
over to Fox Pool as it was so local.
Although I did see a couple of shows
that were not that far off my baits,
generally the 48 hours were quiet,
other than the massive winds that
kept me awake all night both nights.
Friday morning saw me back on
the Road Lake and back in the Hump.
The rods had only been out a few
minutes when there were rings coming out from the right, so it looked like
they were still about. I did check the
snags and the Dink was not in there,
so that pretty much made my mind
up that it was that fish that had done
me on the previous session. All
through the afternoon the right
showed signs of fish. At 2.20, 2.26,
3.07 and 4.52pm rings came out from
the very corner of the snags, so it was
obvious there were fish in there, but
as the evening passed the activity
stopped and it was a very quiet night.
I was up before light the next morning but saw nothing, and when I
packed up and left just after 11am I
still hadn’t seen anything.
I was back on the lake Monday
morning and after a couple of laps
looking and seeing nothing I dropped
back in the Hump, as that was the last
place I had seen them. The 48 hours
passed without seeing so much as a
ripple near me, but I did see a fish go
over down the other end just as I was
packing up, and I wondered whether
they had in fact moved out from this
corner and gone down the other end.
After a pretty quiet and uneventful
48-hour session over on the Car Park
where I fished the Chair, I went back
on the Road for a night. I walked the
lake for an hour or so and after seeing
no signs in the Hump area decided
that a change of swims was called for.
(Top) The limited view from the
Secret swim.
(Below left) A chilly January morning
in the Chestnuts.
(Below right) Fox Pool and Whistlers.


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