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The One That Got Away!
With that I opted to give the swim
known as the Secret a good go, as it
had pretty much been left alone all
year. I leaded around and found a
couple of margin spots that I could
start to introduce the particle mix to,
and after getting a couple of hookbaits out I loaded them with the said
mix as well as a scattering of Vor-tex
boilies in both 16mm and 12mm. Rig
wise I opted to fish a 16mm Vor-tex
pop-up and a multi rig on the left rod
using ESP Striptease in silt black and
a size 5 Stiff Rigger, and for the right
rod I chose to fish a Vor-tex bottom
bait topped with ESP buoyant corn on
a KD rig using the same hook link
material as the pop-up but a Raptor
Curve Shank in size 7. Both rods were
on the ESP ejector lead systems. That
first night in the Secret was really just
used as an opportunity to bait up, and
first thing the following morning I
was away as I had a busy day ahead
of me.
The one down side with fishing the
Secret is you have to set up away
from the water as you are fishing so
close in. As a result you can’t really
see the lake, and the majority of your
session is spent looking at a tree with
a bright red tube strapped to it that
contains a lifebuoy type thing. How I
was going to deal with not being able
to see if fish were showing, only time
would tell, but I had to give it a go, as
I felt that with a bit of preparation
there could be a chance of a fish from
Once again I returned early Monday morning, and whilst walking the
lake spotted a fish show over towards
the Dell in the Chestnuts swim.
Another fish showed a further two
times out to the right of the swim
some 20 minutes later, and after seeing that I decided on Chestnuts as
you would have to have been mad to
ignore the shows. With a bait out
towards the Dell and the other one
over to where the other fish had
showed I set up camp, made a brew
and then sat watching the water, but
by late afternoon I had seen no further
activity. I did the night in there but
when I woke the next morning I
decided to move back into the Secret
as I’d seen nothing more in the Dell
and still really fancied my chances in
the Secret. Before I put out rigs I ran a
light lead over both spots and found
that the right hand one had clearly
been visited, as it was cleaner than it
had been a few days previously. The
left spot felt like it had not been visited, but I was happy to stick with it,
and once both rigs were placed, I
introduced the particle mix and a few
boilies just as I had done before. I didn’t hear anything that night and
packed up the following morning but
felt happier that I was in the Secret
rather than up in the Hump, as I felt
they had definitely moved after the
pressure I had given them the previous couple of months.
I went on to Fox Pool again for my
48 hours off the Road Lake, as I
wanted to stay local to it and check
the spots every afternoon. My Fox
session passed quietly in Whistlers
and heavy rain kept me bivvy bound,
although I did see a fish show several
times on the first night and ended up
casting a chod to it as it was showing
over the top of a large weedbed out in
front of me. I checked my spots on the
Road every afternoon just as I wanted
to and after being off for the 48 hours
(Top) This is about as much as you see
looking at the Secret.
(Right) The Road Lake’s Scaly at 20lb
6oz, a welcome end to January to say
the least…


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