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The One That Got Away!
thing running through the line, as
when I went and checked it out the
line was still slack yet the bobbin had
moved left slightly. The night was
quiet and once again I packed up the
following morning and headed off the
lake as my 48 hours was up.
This time I decided to go over to
Southlake Angling Society’s Southlake in Woodley, as I know this lake
has winter form. On arriving I found
myself to be the only person who was
going to be fishing and so knowing
tha t the Ba y s w i m fi s he s w e l l I
headed for there. I had intended to do
a couple of nights on Southlake and
then head back to the Road Lake for a
night, but that didn’t quite go to plan
as on my first night the temperature
dropped to something like -9 and the
lake froze solid. With the margins
being so shallow I had to put my
waders on and get in and smash the
ice just so that I could get my rigs
back. I called in on the Road Lake to
see if that was frozen and it was, so
that put an end to that and I went
home with the hump. Typical – just as
I feel I’m getting something going on
my spots, the lake freezes over and
buggers things up. Luckily I did manage to get some bait in at the end of
my last trip so at least they could still
feed and the birds couldn’t get at it.
As if the freeze wasn’t bad enough,
the weekend saw the arrival of
around 6in of snow in my area and as
always happens when we get a bit of
(Top) Back in Chestnuts after seeing
(Right) Looking at the snags in the
snow, the county ground to a halt and
they closed the kids’ school for a couple of days. With their mum having to
work I took care of the kids and the
only thing to do was act like I was 14
again and go sledging. I did take my
kids with me to make it look like I was
doing it for them, but it had to be
done. That didn’t go quite as planned
either though, as on my first attempt
at going down the hill, I hit a lump in
the ground, came flying off and
landed on my neck. To say that I hurt
was an understatement, as I was in
agony. I had to put a brave face on it
though, as I didn’t want the kids put
off doing it, but even now as I write
this I still having trouble with it. That
will teach me!
All the time I was at home I kept in
contact with the situation on the
Road Lake, and a few days in I heard
that a small area of the lake was ice
free, so with that, after the school reopened, I headed up to the lake to get
the rods back out. So say that a small
area of the lake was ice-free was putting it mildly, as there was literally
only an area about a rod length out
along the margin and really only two
swims that were fishable. One of
these swims was the Bars, which was
opposite the Secret, so I dropped in
there and dropped a couple of singles
down the margins together with a
scattering of the particle mix. I
thought that over the next 48 hours
the lake would thaw out more, but I
was wrong, as when I woke the following morning the remaining icefree area was freezing over and with
that I packed up and went back
It was not until the 15th that I was
able to get back out as firstly my
daughter was ill and I looked after her,
and then their mum went away for
her 40th and I had the kids for five
d a y s . H o w e v e r, a t 7 a m o n t h e
Wednesday morning I was back on
the Road Lake but the trouble was
99% of the lake was still solid. I wasn’t
going home though, and decided to
break a couple of channels in the ice
with a rake on a rope in the Secret so
that I could get the rods out. After a
couple of hours of hard graft the job
was done and the swim was fishable.
I got the rods out on the spots that I
had been baiting and then put some
bait out over the top. Mid-afternoon
at a little after 4pm just as I was
checking the lines were slackened off


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