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The One That Got Away!
enough, I noticed a fizzer a couple of
feet to the right of the left rod.
Because I couldn’t see the water from
where I was sat I didn’t know if this
had been going on for long or whether
it was just a one-off so I sat there for a
few minutes just in case. That was the
only thing I saw though and decided
it must have been a one-off. I didn’t
hear anything through the night but
then with most of the lake still frozen
over I didn’t really expect to.
When I woke the next morning the
temperature had risen significantly
and the lake was thawing fast. The
one area that wasn’t though was the
No.1 and Hump end, as that wasn’t
getting the wind on it. The Secret was
thawing nicely though and was soon
ice free. I really didn’t expect much to
happen and was really using the session for baiting purposes so imagine
my surprise when at 9.23am the left
hand rod signalled a take. At first I just
thought I had been picked up by a
bird, but when it pinged out of the clip
I realised, and as soon as I picked the
rod up it was clear that I had one on.
What a touch – less than 24 hours earlier I was smashing ice with a rake
and here I was now playing a carp off
the spot.
On picking up the rod the fish tried
to head out into the lake, but I soon
stopped it with a bit of pressure. It
then decided to head left, and as it did
it snagged me on something and
before I knew it I was locked solid. No
matter what I tried I couldn’t move it,
but I knew the fish was still on, as I
was watching bubbles coming up off
the bottom, and also there was the
occasional vortex from where it was
swirling under the water. I rang Rob,
the head bailiff, to see if he knew what
was out there that I could have possibly snagged on, but he didn’t know of
anything so all I can put it down to
was where they have been feeding on
the spot they may have exposed
something. If it was just a branch that
had gone in during the winds then
I’m sure I would have been able to
move it. Eventually after some further
15 minutes there was a big swirl on
the surface and everything came free.
Unfortunately for me though, when
the rig came free so did the carp and
I lost it. I did recover the complete
setup though, so at least whichever
fish was attached wasn’t trailing anything. I was however still gutted at
losing a fish and sat there with the
hump for a while before even thinking
about getting the rod back out.
After a coffee and a sulk I sorted a
new hook link out and got the rod
back on the spot. I then topped the
area up with a little bit of bait but to
be honest I didn’t think anything else
would happen off that rod after all the
commotion I had caused. As
expected it was a quiet night and at
9.30am the following morning I
packed up and headed home. I did
call off at another lake that I have
been baiting since January to give it
some bait, as I was intending on
doing a couple of days on there the
following week while I had to do my
48 hours off the Road. I received a call
on the Saturday morning to say that
the Big Fully had been out that morning from the Bars, so I was keen to get
back into the Secret, which is opposite.
Monday morning I was back at the
Road Lake, but within an hour of getting there I received a call off my
brother with some bad news: my
dad’s partner had lost her battle with
the dreaded cancer. I called my dad to
see if he wanted me there, and he said
he wanted a few days alone, but I
agreed to go home on the Wednesday
to give him some support and help in
any way I could.
The session on the other lake
would have to wait for a bit but I continued with my 48-hour session on
the Road. It was a quiet 48 hours
though and although I heard a fish at
10.06pm on the first night and had a
liner off the left rod at 3.38am the following morning, that was about it. To
be honest my head wasn’t really in it,
and I packed up first thing on the
Wednesday to get home. On the Friday morning I received a call from
Leon to say the Dink had just been
out from No1 at 39lb-plus so I really
wanted to get back as soon as I pos(Top) A foggy morning in the Hump.
(Left) The first of the new fish to go in
– a cracking mirror of 9lb 14oz.


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