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The One That Got Away!
(Top) The second of the new fish, a
common of 15lb 9oz.
(Above) The third new one was this
stunning fully scaled mirror at 9lb.
sibly could, but I had other priorities.
Over the weekend I received a call
saying that word had got out that I’d
had a couple of bites from the Secret,
and although it hadn’t been fished all
year the weekend saw someone in
there. I also heard that the person in
there was going to concentrate in
there now, so I decided to not bother
with it any more, as I wasn’t going to
do all the hard work just for someone
else to drop in there and get the
With the funeral set for the following Wednesday and being as there
was little I could do to help out, on the
Sunday night I headed to the Road. I
decided to drop in Chestnuts for a
couple of nights, as I hadn’t fished it
and it used to have form in the winter.
There were actually fish fizzing in the
No.1 and No.2 swims but they were
both taken. I fished my left hand rod
short to my left and the other rod over
towards the Dell area, both on popups and both got a scattering of both
Vor-tex and the particle mix. The first
night was quiet as was most of the
day, but at 4.58pm a good fish cleared
the water just off the Dell and not very
far at all from my rod. Although nothing came of it the same thing happened again at 10.41pm, and as I
went to bed that night I was half
expecting to be woken in the night by
a take. The following morning, just
before lunch, I packed up and headed
for home.
Thursday morning I headed back
over to the Road Lake and after a walk
round opted to go in the Hump for a
night. The fish were stacked up in the
No.1 snag and with that swim taken
then the nearest was the Hump. I
must have counted three quarters of
the lake’s stock in there at one point
including all the big fish. It was a
foggy morning but you could still see
in the snags ok and it was clear that
the fish were really active. At 8.22am
a fish rolled in the very corner of the
snags and a few minutes later another
one did the same. I managed to get
the rods out ok despite the fog and
with them sorted and a little bait
introduced I sat back and waited for
the fog to lift. No sooner had the fog
lifted than a couple of fish showed
over my left rod and I felt sure that
something was going to happen. As is
often the way on the Road Lake
though nothing did happen, and as
the afternoon passed I felt that my
chance went with it.
The evening was really quiet,
totally different from the one before
from what I had been told, as that
evening the fish were really active
and had been showing over most of
the lake. I decided to set my alarm for
2.30am and get up for an hour to see
if they were showing late in the night,
and as soon as it went off and I sat up
I saw a fish roll straight out in front of
me. I saw a further three shows in
front of me as well as a few more
around the lake, but tiredness got the
better of me and I fell back to sleep
and didn’t see if there were more.
When I woke a couple of hours later
the fog was back and I couldn’t see
across the lake. Once again though,
as soon as the fog lifted, I saw a couple of fish show so I’m sure they had
probably continued to show through
the night.
Cemex had planned to introduce
some more fish to the Road Lake and
on the Friday morning at 10am the
truck arrived with the fish on board. I
reeled in to go and see what was
going in and also photograph them.
Four little Suttons were stocked into
the lake, two commons and two mirrors, and within minutes there were in
the snags mingling with the lake’s
other fish. The two commons
weighed 15lb 9oz and 10lb 2oz and
the two mirrors weighed 9lb 14oz and
9lb. The latter mirror was a stunning
fully scaled, and I could just imagine
that one in a few years being a real
gem of a fish. Fox Pool also saw four
new arrivals, and these were just as
good looking as the fish that had gone
into the Road Lake. With the stocking
complete I packed up and headed
home, but again, on my way back I


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