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Elstow 2009 Season
e join Ian
again this
month as he
this exciting
session. It
was to be some twenty minutes later
that I was to receive two runs at once.
The left and middle rods both went
into tips pulling down mode with the
clutch on both reels absolutely
purring. I picked the middle rod up
and it took up its battle curve. This is
when things all went tits up and the
carp on the middle rod decided to kite
to my left, picking up the line on the
left hand rod. Things just came to a
sudden halt as both carp found the
sanctuary of some weed. I really did
try everything to free them and get
them moving but nothing would
work. In the end I went down the
other end of the lake and got a mate
who was down there to come up and
give me a hand. After almost half an
hour, one of the lines was cut off in
the weed, and a little while later I
managed to get the other rod free,
however it was minus the carp. I said
Mental viewing – I have spent days in
here just watching.
my thank-yous to my mate for coming
up, and he made his way back to his
swim. Bloody hell, I was seriously
wound up. Feeling like that didn’t last
long, as I was just attaching a new
pop-up to the rig I had managed to
retrieve when my last remaining rod
tore off. Thankfully there were no real
dramas with this carp and a few minutes after the initial run a nice carp
was safely in the folds of the net. This
one went 27lbs 2oz and after a couple
of pictures it was soon back in the
pond. After getting a new bait on that
rod, and finishing off what I had been
doing with the other one, I sent them
both back out to the spot and set
about tackling up the other rod. Once
that was done I got that back out to
the spot as well.
The next take came just before
lunchtime to the right hand rod. I was
a tad surprised as I had thought the
feeding spell was over. After picking
up the rod the carp really didn’t do
that much in the open water, and it
didn’t take very many minutes to get
it into the margins where it decided
to wake up and give me a proper
brawl. At one point it almost had me
in some snags that are down the right
hand margin. I held on though, and
really clamped down on the spool and
just let the rod do its job. Shortly afterwards a nice carp was engulfed in the
waiting net. After getting everything
ready I set about weighing the carp,
and after lifting the weigh sling up
with the scales a weight of 30lb 2oz
was recorded in my diary. After a few
pictures I got the carp back in its
home. I didn’t bother casting that rod
back out to the spot; I gave it another
hour or so before winding the other
two rods in. This was just to give the
swim a rest for a few hours and allow
me to spod another bucket of my mix
out to the spot. The marker wasn’t
needed, as the spod rod was clipped
up, and I was just aiming at a tree on
the far margin. After getting all that
out of the way I gave the swim a bit of
a tidy up and went for a walk for a few
hours, just to pass some time. After a
trip up to the local garage to get some
more tobacco, I returned to my swim
and set about getting the rods back
out to the spot hopeful of some action
during the hours of darkness.
The evening was soon upon me
and I got some dinner on the go. I
ended up sitting up till gone midnight
just watching the water. I had only
managed to see three fish show since
I got back to the swim. I got my head
down for the night at about 1am. All I
got that night was a bloody good
sleep, as I didn’t even get a single
bleep from any of the alarms. I leant
out of the bed, filled the kettle up and
got the stove going before getting up
and checking my phone for the time,
which showed that it was 4.45am.
Supping a nice strong coffee, I sat at
the water’s edge just looking out over
the lake. The first carp I saw was over
an hour later, and it wasn’t that far
away from the spot. It had me saying
to myself, “Come on, you buggers,
where the hell are the rest of you hiding?” Slowly another hour passed,
and then they started to reveal themselves, not crashing out, just sticking
their heads above the water.
With the ripple on the water it was
difficult to see them at first; it got to
the stage where the carp had surrounded the area where the bait was,
and I knew that it was only a matter
of time before the fun would start.
There can’t be many more nervous
moments when you are fishing; it
drives me totally potty when the carp
start to show the way they were
doing. It was no good; I went and sat
in the bivvy and turned the radio on to
try and distract myself from what was
going on out in the pond. It was either
that or wear a hole at the front of the
swim where I was pacing up and
down Even though I was sat in the
bivvy, I couldn’t help but occasionally
glance up at the lake and could see
that the area I was fishing to was
slicking up very nicely. The left hand
alarm then let out a couple of bleeps
followed by the alarm and the spool
on the reel going into meltdown
After picking up the rod, it soon
became apparent that the carp had
managed to bury its head in some
weed. I really cranked up the pressure
on the rod, and a few seconds later I
could feel the carp kicking as it came
out of the weed and it powered off to
the left. It was so fast and it also felt
like a heavy fish, as I seriously tried to
stop it as it powered away, but the rod
just kept bending over further and further, to the point where I had no
option but to slacken the clutch up
slightly and let it take some line. In
the end it had managed to go that far
left that I had no choice but to grab
the landing net and once again make


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