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Elstow 2009 Season
19lb 8oz, how big will it grow to?
the walk through the terrible smelling
stuff in order to get to the swim next
door. You would have thought that by
doing this it would have made things
easier to play the carp. I didn’t think I
was doing too bad a job of it, and the
carp started to ease up a tad, but as it
started to come up the marginal shelf
it decided to test everything to the
limit. Bang, the first kick, the rod went
over a little more, then the second
kick and I was almost flat rodded.
Then I was just stood there with the
rod hooped right over as the crazy
carp went off on a run that should not
have been possible.
This was one seriously angry carp,
so I just let it go, and with the rod
hooped right over it took about 20
yards of line before calming down and
turning. I then started hauling it back
towards me, and all was going well
until it approached the shelf where
once again it was off on another crazy
run. I had to repeat this process no
fewer than five times before I was fortunate enough to at last land the carp.
I made the short walk back to my
swim and got the landing net with
the carp in settled into the margins for
a few minutes in order to give it a
chance to recover. I needed a ciggy to
calm down; I really was shaking as I
reran the fight in my head. I finished
my smoke and got the gear ready for
the weighing and pictures. As I lifted
the weigh sling up with the scales I
watched as the needle settled on
34lbs 11oz, a truly awesome looking
linear. Watching him swim away I
was sure that I wouldn’t forget that
carp or the battle it had given me for
a long time indeed.
Carp were still showing around the
area, and I was unsure whether to
cast the rod back out to the spot as I
felt that it could possibly spook them.
In for a penny, in for a pound, I got the
rod back out to the spot and put a few
more spods of my mix over the top of
that. The only reason I had decided to
get the rig back out there was that
there was a fairly nice wind blowing,
which was creating a good ripple on
the surface of the lake. I didn’t think
that a rig going out to the spot and a
couple of spods hitting the surface
lightly would disturb them too much.
I set about tidying the swim up a bit,
and once I had this done I stood at the
front of the swim just looking at the
lake watching the odd carp poke its
head out. My phone started to ring so
I answered it and made my way up to
the path at the back of the swim. I
was just telling my mate how things
were going when the left hand rod
tore off. “Got to go mate – carp on,”
and I hung up on him before running
down to the offending rod.
The carp didn’t really do that much
after the initial run, and a few minutes
after picking the rod up I had him in
the margins. After a bit of toing and
froing I soon had him sliding over the
drawcord of the waiting net, and it
looked like another big fish. Everything was made ready for the weighing and photos and I wasn’t disappointed as the needle settled at 30lb
1oz. I soon had the carp back in the
pond. The rod had another pop-up
attached before it was cast back out
to the spot, shortly followed by a couple of more spods of bait.
The stove was fired up for a nice
mug of coffee, and it was whilst drinking it that my mate Mark rang up
again. I was just telling him how big
the last fish had been when the middle rod let out a few bleeps before rattling off very fast. He was laughing as
I said I had to go. I got over to the rod,
picked it up, and it took up its battle
curve. Hell, this fish just took the
bloody Mickey and did whatever it


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