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Elstow 2009 Season
wanted to, firstly just going straight
out, then kiting to the left where with
a bit of luck I managed to turn him.
No sooner had I done that than he
started to go to my right, which had
me hanging on with the rod compressed about as far as it would go. I
really couldn’t allow it to go any further, as it would have managed to
gain the sanctuary of the submerged
bush. It took a little while before he
turned though, and I was just a tad
relieved when he did. From there on
in he didn’t cause too many problems,
apart from a crazy minute or so in the
margins, but lady luck was watching
over me and I was well chuffed when
he slipped into the waiting net at the
first time of asking. All the necessary
equipment was prepared, and as I
lifted the carp out of the water I
realised that it was quite a large fish.
Once on the scales I watched as the
needle settled at bang on 35lbs, and
after a few pictures I soon had it back
in the lake. I just looked up at the sky
35lb 6oz, this one almost pulled my
arm off.
and said, “Thank you,” and I swear I
saw a picture of my mum’s face looking down on me from the clouds.
After getting the camp back into
some semblance of normality, I put a
fresh pop-up on and got that rod back
out to the area.
As I sat there in the bivvy I was
hopeful of another chance. The trouble was the carp were having none of
it, and as quick as it had started the
carp slowly drifted away and I didn’t
see another carp in front of me during
the rest of the day. The rods were
wound in just after lunchtime and
another bucket of the spod mix was
spodded out to the area. I tied some
new rigs up and went for a walk
around the lake. At the back of the
Reedy swim I found a few of the big
girls milling around, and spent an
hour or so just watching them. With
the crystal clear water you can watch
them going about their business, and
watching the way some of them feed
is an eye-opener. Some of them swim
along almost hoovering everything up
in their path, whilst others will really
upend, almost bobbing along as they
pick up the baits one at a time. This
area that I was peering into is out of
bounds and has a rope going across it
to the right of the Reedy swim. There
are times when most of the carp can
be found in this area, with all the
reeds and the snags that are behind
this rope it is no wonder that they like
it in there, as it’s one of the safest
areas of the lake for them. The trouble
is, in order to get into this area they
have to pass in front of the Reedy
swim, and this is why this swim can
be so prolific. You can catch them as
they go into the safe area in the mornings and when they come out of there
during the evenings.
After leaving that area I ended up
down the other end of the lake, and
found a few more fish in the only
other out of bounds area to the right
of a swim that I’m going to call the
Inflator swim. There is a little path
through some hawthorn bushes, and
as you approach the water’s edge it
really is like the carp’s world opens up
before you and you feel as if you are
peering down into a massive aquarium with depths of about 7 to 8ft and
water that is so clear it has to be seen
to be believed. The amount of time I


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