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The Big Carp
Rotary Letter
Here are the questions in brief that you the readers emailed in
following issue 189. Don’t forget to email any further questions
1) There’s lots of talk about putting rock salt in baits at the moment and
one company bringing out a ‘salty’. What do you guys think about the
effects of this? – L. Jackson, Kent.
2) I have always been a fan of fish oils but have seen some bad press. Is
it safe to use now the water is warming up? – G. Hound,
3) Can any of the rotary lads recommend a good long-range line? – F.
Jenkins, Ringwood.
4) I have seen lots of different pop-up rigs in magazines and on DVDs,
but which one would the experts recommend? – D. Smith,
Ed Betteridge
I was about to leave home for fishing
yesterday when Big Carp magazine
fell through the letterbox. I had a
quick scan through it and in Lee’s
opening paragraph he said, “By the
time you read this spring will well and
truly be in the air.” That sentence
really brought a smile to my face a
few minutes later as I loaded the car
in what can only be described as blizzard conditions! As the snow came
down sideways in the very chilly
northeasterly wind it was hard to
believe it was April! As I travelled
down the M1 on my way to
Northants, the weather turned from
snow to persistent rain, but I heard on
the weather report that the sun was
out “darn souf”, so Lee was probably
right for his area. It’s unbelievable
how changeable this British weather
can be!
Lee also talked about the old close
season. I can remember when it was
abolished, and at the time I expressed
mixed feeling, but secretly I was over
the moon that I could get another
three months’ fishing in! To be honest
I think that period from the middle of
April until the end of June is the best
fishing of the year – probably not for
big fish in prime condition, but certainly for numbers. I don’t think the
abolishing of the close season has
done any harm to our quarry, I’ll agree
they are vulnerable around spawning
time, but they don’t spawn until the
middle of June on a few waters, so the
close season was pretty pointless
from that regard. I think the fish now
get bait all year round, which will help
them stay in top condition. I know a
certain amount of prebaiting went on
in the better waters in the close, but
not all waters received this and not to
the amount that people tend to fish
Some waters that I fish are so
weedy that you can more or less forget about fishing them properly after
June, so I’m really glad we now have
all year round fishing. I don’t fish anywhere with a close season, so it’s
hard to compare the situation. I suppose it gives nature a chance to
reclaim some of her own, but I would
be really interested to hear what the
other lads think. I’m trying to avoid
the word Rotarians, because I know
Dave hates it. So if Mr Maylin would
be so kind: Question 1, Mr E. Betteridge from a bivvy in Northants…
What were the panel’s feelings when
the close season was abolished and
do they think it has had any detrimental effects on our quarry?
I have written a fair bit recently
about the advantages of not fishing
over much bait in early spring, but I
can’t agree more with Rob’s statements about the importance of prebaiting waters at this time to
keep/get the fish on the bait, although
Spring – the best time of year to be on
the bank?


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