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Rotary Letter
Question 3
A good long range casting line is
Korda’s Adrenaline; it’s not as thin as
some lines on the market, but it is
very smooth, seems to fly off the
spool, and I find it very reliable.
Another good one is Pro Clear from
Terry Eustace’s Gold Label Tackle,
which is very thin for its breaking
strain so it casts very well. However
the types of line I recommend to
avoid as a mainline are the prestretched lines because their abrasion
resistance and knot strength can be
very poor. It is worth mentioning that
the better casting lines do take a bit
to sink them, which brings me on to a
braided main line. Berkeley Whiplash
will cast very well, but it is a floating
braid, which isn’t best for getting your
line down and out of the way to create a subtle presentation. When I was
fishing Stoneacres I tried some floating braids, but I didn’t like the way I
could follow the line out in the boat,
as it remained just inches below the
Zig rigs can be devastating at the right time.
surface, even on a very tight line. It
only disappeared into the depths a
couple of rod lengths before the area I
was fishing.
Question 4
Rigs are very dependant on the situation you are fishing in and what you
are trying to achieve. The choddy is
very good over weed and the hinged
stiff is excellent on a clear bottom,
and there are many other rigs that
suit conditions in between. Sorry for
the brief answer on that, but I could in
fact I have written several articles on
the subject, and it’s one of those topics where you either keep it brief or go
into great depth, so in the interests of
not taking up the whole BCRL I’ll
have to opt for the former.
Sean Leverett
The hinged stiff link is an awesome
pop-up rig.
Hi guys. Before I get into the latest set
of questions, I’d like to touch on the
otter subject that was written about
in the last rotary letter. Since I wrote
my reply last month regarding the
otter problems, I have looked into
PAG and read a bit about the group.
Although I see they are making steps
into predation, I honestly don’t think
enough is being done to address the
major otter problem that we all face.
Waters are getting targeted all the
more frequently now, and we as carp
anglers need to do more to make sure
that otters are top of the PAG agenda.
If that means we all donate towards
funding, then that’s what we should
do. Rather than companies earning a
small fortune from setting up and running the carp shows through the winter, how about a percentage of the
admittance fee going to PAG to make
sure we have a future in the sport!
I don’t know whether it was true,
but I did hear that the attendance figures for The Big one was something
around 250,000, so if a fiver from each
entry had gone to PAG, then that
would have been 1.25 million quid
towards safeguarding our future
sport. Multiply that figure by the
amount of shows that are run and
that’s some serious money that can
be raised. Surely if we all stand up
and make some noise to the government then some notice will have to be
I read on the net about anglers saying that if we all refused to buy a rod
licence then it would dent the pockets of the EA and they would take
notice. Not buying your rod licence is
not the answer, as you’re simply
breaking the law and you will end up
in court and subsequently get a criminal record for your troubles, but we
do need one voice and the basis of
PAG is the way forward. Let’s just
hope something gets done before it’s
all too late!
Right, on to the latest set of questions...
Q1 – Rock salt in bait…
I wondered how long it would be
before this subject came up. Now I’ve
been using salt in my bait for some
years now, whether it is in my boilie
mix or added to my particles, and I


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