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Rotary Letter
Natural rock salt. Good thing or bad?
have to say it definitely has been a little edge for me over that time. I do
however carefully monitor the quantities that I put in, as I feel that too
much salt can only have an adverse
effect. Also when to use salt varies
depending on the time of year. From
the information I have gathered, carp
crave the mineral that’s in salt in early
spring and then again after spawning.
Although they will still be attracted to
it at all other times, attraction is its
highest around spring and spawning.
When you see carp picking up stones
and then spitting them out again I
believe that they are taking the salt
content off the stone, so by adding
salt to either your bait or particle mix
creates what the carp are looking for
but it’s easier for them to ingest.
Glugging a single hookbait in L0-30
can have the same effect, as this soluble fish protein is high in natural
salt. Salt is also a good general tonic
and Koi keepers often use it in their
ponds throughout the year, but especially just before winter to build up
the mucus layer of the fish, which
aids in over wintering. Now, what I
don’t understand is why a major
tackle and bait company feels the
need to bring salt out in quantities
saying that it’s the best thing since
sliced bread (or worst kept secret)
when they have no idea what the
implications of doing so are going to
be. Also, why do they feel the need to
sell it at such an inflated price compared to the supermarkets when it’s
clearly not a better quality product
than what you get elsewhere? I actually buy my Natural Rock Salt in a
10kg sacks for just over £5, and yet
rock salt from a tackle and bait com-
pany is virtually that
price for a kilo.
By selling salt and
saying it’s such an edge
all you’re doing is losing
that edge, as every Tom,
Dick and Harry will be
doing it, and where’s
the edge in that? It’s
one thing for one person to be using it on a
lake in quantities, but
with so many people
now using it and so
much salt going in
what’s it going to do to
the lake? It doesn’t matter that a recommended quantity has been put on
the back of the pack, as who actually
reads that? People are going to be piling it in all over the country, and while
they earn a small fortune off the back
of it, syndicate and fishery owners
will soon be creating when weed
starts dying off alongside all the
plants, including lilies.
I personally think that the company
involved have been highly irresponsible in launching this product. It
should have remained the worst kept
Q2 – Fish oils…
I’m not really the person to answer
this in depth, as I don’t want to know
the ins and outs of bait and oils. I have
my bait made for me by a company
that knows its stuff and I leave it to
them to get right. I do however understand that baits containing high oil
levels in winter are clearly not a good
thing. I wouldn’t say that it’s not safe,
but I would just look into what you
are going to use before putting it in
your bait. Like you have said though,
the water is warming up now so a fish
oil with a high oil content would be
used more now than in winter. If you
are unsure then contact a bait company by email asking for some advice.
Any reputable company will get back
to you with a sensible answer. I think
both Lee and Ed will give you a better
insight into this, as their knowledge of
bait is far greater than mine.
Q3 – Long-range line…
I have to say this is an easy one for me
to answer – ESP Syncro XT. I joined
ESP at the tail end of last year, and
when Dave Ellyatt of ESP sent me out
some of the company’s terminal
tackle to use he also sent me some of
the line to try. Hand on heart, I cannot
fault this line. It has a low diameter
and a smooth surface finish and this
makes it ideal for distance casting.
The 15lb has a diameter of just
0.37mm and the 12lb has a diameter
of just 0.33mm, so hitting the distance
is not a problem. What’s more the
Syncro XT sinks like a stone due to
the mono’s ability to absorb water, is
bloody strong, and is surprisingly
abrasion resistant for its diameter.
I’ve used a few different monos over
the years and was always happy with
what I was using, but the ESP Syncro
XT is by far the best I’ve used. If you
want a quality line that allows you to
hit the ranges you’re after then take a
good look at this line – you can’t go
Q4 – Pop-up rigs…
There are loads of pop-up rigs out
there in the press these days and it’s
ESP’s Syncro XT mono, perfect in every way!


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