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Rotary Letter
Both the multi-rig and the hinged stiff
rig alongside what I use to tie them up
a personal choice which
one you opt for. There are
a few that I like to use,
but it all depends on the
situation. I don’t have a
favourite as I mentioned
last month but I do like
both the hinged stiff link
and the multi-rig. The
hinged stiff link works so
well with its rotation,
how well it sits on the
lake bed and its hooking
potential that I tend to
use this pop-up rig over
the other rigs out there,
but the multi-rig and the ability to be
able to change the hook so easily is a
winner too. You only have to look at
Jon’s catch history on the multi-rig to
see how good it is, but then just look
at Terry Hearn’s big fish record on the
hinged stiff link.
For both the hinged and multi-rigs I
use the ESP Stiff Rigger. I like to use a
larger hook for these rigs, and with
the hookbait sitting above the hook
concealing it then its possible to use a
size 4 or 5.
I am also a big fan of the 360 swivel
rig, as it can be devastating, but you
have to be careful where to use this
rig and how you tie it up as many
places have banned it due to the bad
press it received a few years back.
The long shanked bent hooks that are
used in the construction of the rig are
banned on most waters nowadays
due to the high amount of damaged
fish mouths that the hook was supposedly causing, although I don’t
believe this to be exactly true. Please
Hinged stiff link.
look into the lake’s rules before using
this rig, as if it’s not allowed on the
water and you are caught with it on
you will be banned! I do think that a
couple of companies produced a hook
that is safe to use with this rig and
that gets round the bans, but lately I
have started to tie it up using a standard curved shank hook and adapted
it slightly so that the micro ring
swivel sits perfectly.
Obviously the chod rig is an adaptation of the hinged stiff link and this
I use when the situation requires, but
generally I do prefer to keep my rigs
as simple as possible so therefore
don’t go for all the other complicated
rigs that are out there. It’s each to
their own though really and you
should use what you are happy with.
Well that’s it again from me for this
Till next time…
Jon McAllister
I’m sure the regular readers of the BC
rotary letter know how things work
by now, but for those that don’t, then
you will see I’m relating back to last
month’s questions first, as I need to
catch up before answering this
month’s set of four. I’ve been fishing
my knackers off for the past few
weeks, finishing off my winter season
with a 33lb common. Since the start
of April I’ve been hitting it hard at
Burghfield with some good early
results, catching mirrors to 33lb, but
no big common anywhere to be seen
yet. Now back to the nitty gritty…
Oh one more thing before I go on…
It seems I may have got my facts
slightly wrong with my description of
events surrounding a new moon. In
particular, why during darkness you
don’t get to be able to see the moon
during this period of the month.
Thanks to the guy that pointed that
out to me, but I would like to add further that what was printed in the last
issue by Rob on behalf of the guy
wasn’t exactly correct either – lol.
Anyway, I had to get that in quickly,
I’m just a carp angler and not a lunar
geek, ha ha!
I haven’t read everyone’s answers
in last month’s rotary letter but I do
have Sean’s in front of me so I’ll just
go on that. A good tip for this month
is to have a go at zig fishing. The carp
are well out of their winter mode, and
although zigs can work during many
months of the year, I feel during the
spring period when our quarry is in
the upper layers in search of warmth
during the sunny spells and natural
hatches are going off in abundance
that it is the ideal if not perfect time to
have a go on the zigs. Another bonus
of zig fishing at this time of the year is
that the weed hasn’t yet taken a hold
properly, so you’re much more likely
to land a fish once you’ve hooked it,
as light hooklinks are certainly beneficial in getting that bite in the first
place. I’d normally use an adjustable
zig float and a 4ft hooklink of 10lb
Double Strength.
As pointed out by Sean, don’t go
mad and fill it in with bait once you
arrive at the lake! It’s so demoralizing,
after having fished the whole winter
with one or two other lads applying
small amounts of bait to the right
areas and then have to sit there and
watch people dusting off their rods


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