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The line test page of our catalogue.
using a fine diameter, lower breaking
strain main line if you’re then going to
have problems with landing fish. Personally, where allowed, I like to use
braid for main line, because for its
breaking strain it’s a lot finer than the
equivalent breaking strain in nylon,
plus line twist never seems to be a
problem. One snag with braid however is that the finer diameter versions generally float, which I didn’t
find a problem when I was first using
it years ago as it didn’t bother me
Main line braids.
fishing with a tight line, but nowadays I prefer to use a sinking version
as the fish are now seemingly more
aware and spooked by lines running
through the water.
Over the years I’ve tried a variety of
different braids and have been happy
with most of them. For quite a few
years I used 14lb Berkley Fireline,
which is a floating braid, but then
changed to 22lb Dynon SK because of
its sinking properties. Currently, and
mainly because of my involvement
The Long One at 46lb 4oz, my first ever carp caught on braid at range.
with Ultima, I now use their Power
Braid, which is a good compromise
because although it doesn’t rocket to
the bottom, it does sink fairly well and
is fairly fine for its breaking strain so
therefore casts well.
With nylon lines I would suggest
that anglers study the line test page
of our Tackle Box catalogue and compare actual breaking strains in relation to the measured diameter and
then make a choice based on this.
Based on these tests I would suggest
that any of the following
should be good for long
range fishing – Kryston-ite,
Ultima’s Power Carp or
XR, Shimano Catana, Gold
Label Pro Clear or E.S.P
Syncro XT, as all of these
break fairly high for their
diameter. Just one other
thing before moving on –
looking after your line will
help prolong its life and
help maintain its casting
a b i l i t y. A l t h o u g h y o u
won’t always notice it,
often you will get a build
up of crap on your main
line, so for this reason I
would suggest cleaning it
fairly regularly by casting
as far as you can and then
winding it in through a
cloth or a line wipe.
Pop-up rigs? More and
more these days I find
myself using a chod rig
when using pop-ups as I
like the thought that my
rig is generally always
fishing and my bait is presented properly irrespective of any weed, silt or


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