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Rotary Letter
the sinkers because they are thinner
and suppler. However, they are a
nightmare to fish with because of the
swans, geese, drifting weed and wind.
The big sinkers, heavy braids, cast
like a bag of spanners and are only
any good up to about 70 yards. I have
recently found a good compromise in
the Fox Graviton-Pro braid, which I
can comfortably cast 130 yards,
sometimes a bit more, and it sinks
right down to the bottom (I’ve
checked it through a glass bottomed
bucket). The beauty of braid is you
can cast these distances with something that breaks in excess of 20lb,
has no stretch, and gives you an
instant contact with the fish.
Pop-up rigs – so what would I rec-
A single pop-up and a decent mono caught
this scaly carp at range.
been criticisms of the rig; I also know
that a fair percentage of the people
making those early criticisms now
use the rig exclusively for all their
pop-up fishing (you know who you
are). I am totally comfortable with it; if
I wasn’t I wouldn’t use it, and it’s as
simple as that. I believe it’s the best
presentation I have ever used, and,
until I can think of something better, I
will continue to fill my net with it. n
Big range, big weed big carp, all in a
day’s work for a braided mainline.
ommend then? I can only go with
things I have experience of really. I
don’t like chod rigs; I have used them,
and in fact I was using them way
back before ‘chod’ was invented.
Chod incidentally has a dictionary
definition of a person who is very
slow to learn, no matter how often he
is shown something! I may be bold
here and point out the amount of fish
that seem to get lost on chod rigs
through hook pulls, and refer that to
the definition above, but I would only
get myself in trouble, so I won’t. It’s
common knowledge that I use a 360
rig for practically all my pop-up fishing, so in reality that is the only thing
I can recommend. I know there have
One of thousands on a 360 rig.


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