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A Special End to a Season
bloody nightmare due to traffic and I
eventually arrived 25 minutes after
the gates opened. I expected to get to
the lake to find a few guys on, but
amazingly I was the only one there. I
set up in the area that I had been baiting and cast a couple of pop-up rigs
out with White Chocolate hookbaits
attached and then added a scattering
of Vor-tex round each. Other than a
tuftie mid-afternoon it was a quiet
day, and a little after 5pm I reeled in
and headed off to the Road Lake to
spend the night there. The Road Lake
is only 16 miles from Richmond so it
was easier to go there rather than do
the drive to and from home each day.
I did four days on the Park that
week and a couple of nights on the
Road Lake, and then a night over on
Fox Pool. Both the days and the
nights were very quiet; I didn’t see a
thing on the Park and saw very little
on the Road. After four days on a park
lake I had had enough for the week.
I’d had to contend with people’s dogs
jumping in the water right next to my
rods, dogs running through my lines
and people trying to tell me that there
are no fish in the lake all day, and I’ll
be honest, I wasn’t enjoying it at all. I
went home on the Thursday evening
absolutely knackered but knew I had
to continue fishing there until the
season ended, as there was a chance
of the Royal coming out. On the Friday I had a gas delivery to wait in for
and then that weekend I was at The
Big One at Farnborough airfield
where I was working on the Sticky
Baits stand. Just as it had been at the
Carpin On show, The Big One was a
busy one, and at the end of the weekend my feet and legs were killing me
from standing up all the time.
Monday morning at 6.30am I was
sat at the Richmond entrance to the
park waiting for the gates to open,
ready to do the first of the three
remaining days before the close sea-
son started. I wasn’t really looking forward to it but knew I had to be there
as the Royal could be out, but this
time I wasn’t alone, as three other
guys were doing the last few days on
the lake. The previous week the
weather had been cold and windy but
this week it was foggy as well; in fact
the fog took ages to lift, well into the
middle of the morning.
The first couple of days were
uneventful and I felt as if it wasn’t
going to happen but on the last morning the conditions were perfect and
there was a slim chance that someone could get lucky. I wasn’t so lucky
though, as mid-morning while getting
my ticket checked by the parks police
I was informed by one of them that
my van was not allowed to be in the
park, and that I had to move it within
the hour or risk it being removed for
me. I did try to plead with the guy by
saying that it was the last day and
that I wouldn’t be coming back but he
wasn’t having any of it. I therefore
ended up reeling in just before
lunchtime and calling it a day rather
than pack everything away, drive the
van outside of the park and then walk
my kit back in for the afternoon. I
wasn’t a happy man to say the least,
and it just made me hate park life
angling more than I already did. I
ended up driving over to the Road
Lake to do a 48-hour session earlier
than anticipated, but that’s the way it
goes sometimes. I can’t say I enjoyed
my short time on Richmond because I
didn’t, but I would dearly love to
(Top) One of the plus points to
Richmond – the deer.
(Left) Chestnuts.
(Below) A foggy start to the day on


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