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A Special End to a Season
(Top) Tutti at 21lb 13oz...
(Above) ...the other side.
catch the Royal so I guess I will be
going back at some point, but for now
it was all about the Road Lake up
until the end of the season.
I arrived at the Road a little after
1pm and after a wander round
decided to go in No1 as there were a
few fish milling around the snags.
Within the hour a couple of rigs were
in position, one a multi-rig with a Vortex pop-up attached and the other a
KD rig with a Vor-tex bottom bait on,
which was topped with a piece of the
ESP plastic corn. A scattering of
mixed pellet and hemp was spodded
around the spot, and a few 12mm Vortex freebies were added. Less than
two hours into the session though I
wasn’t happy and had a feeling that I
was set up in the wrong area. I had
seen a fish show out in Chestnuts
water over by the Dell snags and
wondered whether they had actually
moved to there. A quick look in the
No.1 snags confirmed that I might be
right, as not a single fish was present,
so with that I reeled in and went to
have a look down the other end. As
soon as I walked into Chestnuts I
noticed fizzing across towards the
snags and this made my mind up – I
was moving.
Chestnuts hadn’t really done any
fish all year, and as a result no one had
really been fishing it but I had quietly
been baiting it with between 30 and
40 12mm Vor-tex and a little Oily
Hemp every couple of days for the last
few weeks, and as far as I had been
aware no one knew about this. This is
why I thought they could be there
and maybe the time was right to give
it a go.
By 5pm I had the multi rig rod with
a fresh Vor-tex pop-up in place in the
entrance to the Dell and the KD rig
rod with the bottom bait on it in place
three quarters of the way across at
the back of the bar. The Dell rod was
left as a single and the other rod had
just a small amount of the spod mix
over it. No more than a couple of minutes later, while I was clipping the
bobbin on the other rod, which I had
put out first, I noticed the line on the
Dell rod lifting up through the water.
At first I thought I had maybe caught
the line with my shoe, but it soon
became clear as the line continued to
rise up that something was attached
to the other end. On picking up the
rod the fish swam away from the
snags and I could feel I was attached
to a carp. The fish didn’t fight a great
deal, and within a few minutes a fish
known as Tutti was sitting in the bottom of my net. Even while I was playing the fish, further fish were showing
in the back of the Dell, so I unhooked
it in the net and quickly got the rig
back out as I felt that there was a
chance of another. With that soon
done and after weighing it at 21lb
13oz and doing a few quick pictures
the fish was slipped back. Although
not one of the biggest fish in the pond
it was at its biggest weight, and it
was just as good looking as the last
one I had, and when they are like that
you don’t mind what size they are.
Despite seeing activity in the back of
the Dell nothing more happened and
the night passed quietly.
When I woke the following morning
though just on light I was greeted
with a blanket of thick fog and couldn’t even see my rod butts let alone
across the lake. I decided to make the
most of it and get a couple of extra
hours’ sleep, but even when I woke
for the second time the fog was still


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