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Keep Your Kit Fresh With
STORM’s DEO For Outdoor Gear
Perfect for outdoor and athletic footwear
A buildup of sweat from exertive training or getting active outdoors can leave footwear damp, stale and smelly. Restore freshness to your walking boots or training shoes with STORM’s
spray-on DEO.
The easy-to-use pump spray deodoriser reduces the levels of
bacteria in footwear, removing nasty odours hygienically and
effectively for long-lasting freshness each time you get active.
As well as being perfect for footwear, STORM’s DEO is also
ideal for gloves and helmets. Shake well and simply spray inside
your item and allow to dry before use.
The DEO is available in a 300ml spray bottle for £15 or 75ml
spray bottle for £7.50. n
Take A Stance Against Ticks
Tick-populations are booming - guard against dangerous
bites with Lifesystems’ new Tick Repellent
For many years the threat of tick
bites has been a concern for
walkers, but with the risk of
Lyme disease doubling between
2010 and 2016*, and many of the
UK’s outdoor spaces now considered high-risk areas, it is more
essential to protect yourself from
the pesky pests than ever. Lucki l y, o u t d o o r- h e a l t h e x p e r t
Lifesystems has come to the rescue with the launch of its specially developed Tick Repellent.
Although a nationwide problem, the risk of Lyme Disease
transmitting ticks is particularly
high in many walking hotspots
including the Scottish Highlands
as well as areas in the South of
England**. Lyme disease is not
only difficult to spot but can also
have devastating consequences.
So, whether you are prepping for
a day’s hiking or simply taking
the dog for a walk, ensuring you
guard yourself from Ticks is
essential. Developed with the
proven active ingredient Saltidin® (20%), Lifesystems’ Tick
Repellent works by blocking the
insects’ receptors and offers up
to eight hours of effective protection from biting bugs.
An ideal option for daily or
regular use, the effective yet
gentle Tick Repellent is suitable for the whole family. It is
completely safe for children
over two years old and can also
be used confidently by pregnant women or those with very
sensitive skin. The repellent is
supplied in a handy 25ml
po c k e t-s i ze d s pra y bo ttl e,
meaning you can easily carry it
with you to top up your protection on the go. Lifesystems also
offers a complete Tick Survival
Kit, which contains the Tick
Repellent, its popular Tick
Remover card and several
hygienic cleansing wipes in a
convenient, resealable bag –
ideal for safely removing any
insects that do bite you.
For more information about
Lifesystems’ new Tick Repellent or the Tick Survival Kit,
visit our website at: n
Let’s go to
the beach!
Get shelter instantly at
the beach, picnic or
campsite with Coleman’s
Get ready for a summer spent on the
beach this year with Coleman’s Sundome. Take shelter from all the elements
this summer and stay protected from the
sun’s harmful UV rays at the beach, the
campsite or picnic area thanks to Coleman’s UVGuard™ providing an SPF50.
The Sundome weights just 1.9kg and
can be pitched in less than one minute
thanks to Coleman’s fibreglass poles.
The Sundome has collapsible fibreglass poles meaning your shelter can be
set up with ease. Fill the outside pockets
with sand or rocks to anchor, stabilise
with the attached guy ropes, and your
beach home is ready to shelter you from
the sun, wind or light rain.
The Sundome’s groundsheet zips up
in seconds, leaving you with a spacious
interior with inside pockets, protecting
valuable items while splashing around in
the sea, or to provide a private changing
The Coleman® Sundome comes complete with a handy carry bag and the
small pack designs allows you to take it
anywhere to ensure top protection from
the sun, wind and light rain while at the
beach this summer. n


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