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A Special End to a Season
(Above) The new addition to the ESP
sweetcorn range.
(Above right) The new Camo Sink
Link in both camo brown and green.
(Bottom left) The new Chod Rig
(Bottom right) ESP’s new Tungsten
as thick as before; in fact it didn’t lift
until gone 10am that morning. Within
minutes of it properly lifting though, a
fish nutted out in amongst a group of
birds over to my left, and then a few
minutes later another showed further
Throughout the day I noticed ripples coming out from across from the
Dell and felt that I still had a chance of
another fish. At 3.20pm a fish poked
its head out just down to my right,
close in No.5’s water, and then I
watched it as it fizzed up and headed
out into the pond. Late afternoon I
redid the Dell rod, as it was playing on
my mind that not all was right, but on
reeling in all was fine so after tying on
a fresh pop-up I got the rig back out
on the spot. Re-casting hadn’t bothered the fish though, as within minutes a decent fish cleared the water
on the right hand side of the snag. At
a little after 6.30pm a fish rolled twice
slightly left of the swim in line with
the Reeds
swim, and then just as the light was
going a couple of fish showed back
over in the Dell. I really felt confident
that that rod would go either just after
dark or at first light in the morning,
but when by 9am the following day
nothing had happened despite several fish showing over in the Dell I felt
my chance had passed.
Throughout the morning fish continued to show opposite, yet my
Neville remained silent. As the morning passed I slowly packed my kit
away until I had just the rods and net
to do. At 12 noon I called it a day and
went to reel the rods in. I retrieved the
left rod first and that came back as
clean as a whistle, but when I went to
reel in the other rod all was not well.
As I started reeling it became apparent that I was reeling in a load of slack
and then as the line started to tighten
up it became clear that the rig was no
longer over in front of the Dell but a
good 25 yards off the spot and out in
front of the No.5 swim. Eventually I
connected with the rig but this was
not good because the rig was
snagged up on something. At this
point I didn’t know whether there
was still a fish attached but whatever
I was snagged on was out in front of
After a good 25 minutes of trying
different angles something moved
and I managed to get things moving
again but sadly the fish was long
gone. I actually reeled in a section of a
snag about 3ft long and coming off
that snag was a small branch. My rig
was actually wrapped around that
small branch so all I can gather is that
I had had a fish pick up my bait in the
night or early that morning and swim
directly out without any form of indication whatsoever. It then managed
to get rid of the rig by wrapping it
round the snag and then swimming
off free, all without as much as a
bleep! Who says fish are stupid? Anyway, as much as I was gutted that I
had been done big time, I was sure
that the carp were happily using the
Dell snags, and I thought that if I
could get back in there on my next
session I would have a chance of
another fish. When I left the lake that
afternoon I couldn’t wait to get back.
When I arrived home I was greeted
with a parcel of goodies that Dave at
ESP had kindly sent me. There was a
selection of the new coloured Buoyant Sweetcorn, some of the new
Tungsten Putty, some Camo Sink
Link, which is now available in a


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