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A Special End to a Season
three-tone brown and a mixed brown
and green, and some of the new Chod
Rig Sleeves. He also sent me some
more of the Strip Tease Two Tone and
also some more Syncro XT. I really
cannot fault any of what I have been
sent and used so far, so I know that
the new stuff will be just as good, but
I especially like the look of the Camo
Sink Link.
Sadly for me the word had quickly
got out about my couple of bites and
I stood no chance of getting back in
there as the swim was fished solid for
the next ten days. Whenever I arrived
the swim was taken, and as frustrating as it was there was bugger all I
could do about it. Over the next ten
days Chestnuts did five further fish
while the rest of the lake looked dead.
I did a 48-hour session in the Bars
swim, which was as close as I could
get to the Dell, but for the complete 48
hours I sat watching the fish showing
in Chestnuts and felt I had wasted my
time. I then did a 48 on Fox Pool
where I lost a fish, which just made
(Top) Looking out from No.1 towards
the snags.
(Below) The Big Fully at 30lb 6oz, the
start of a special week...
things even more frustrating for me.
After Fox Pool I returned to the
Road Lake but couldn’t get in Chestnuts where all the fish seemed to be
coming from as it was taken. There
was another group of fish that were
spending the majority of their time in
the Hump, but they were just sunning
themselves and didn’t look up for a
feed at any time. I decided to give it a
session in there, but I sat watching
them and filming them for most of it
in the back of the snags up on the surface, as they looked nowhere near up
for a feed. As I packed up at the end of
my session I knew that time was run-
ning out as due to family commitments I would not be able to return
until the Tuesday evening, and was
sure that it was going to be busy and
I would struggle for a swim.
With there being only a few days
remaining before the Road Lake season ended and the lake closed for a
couple of months, late afternoon on
the Tuesday I headed off in the hope I
could catch myself one last carp from
the lake. My plan was to do a single
overnighter on the lake and then
return early on the Thursday morning
for my final 48-hour session.
I arrived a little after 6pm only to


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