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A Special End to a Season
was the first time since joining Sticky
so after weighing it at a weight of
30lb 6oz, Dan did a couple of quick
shots. What a result, less than two
hours on the venue and I’d had one.
After getting the rod back out, Dan
left and I had the place to myself.
Through the evening a couple of fish
rolled close to where my hookbaits
were, but more fish were showing
back over in front of the Dell. A good
fish went over just behind my right
rod at 4.48am but there was no further action overnight or in the morning, and late morning I packed up
with the view to returning early on
find the lake empty. I rang the head
bailiff to make sure it wasn’t actually
closed first, and when he said it
wasn’t I went looking for carp. To be
honest I was going to just go straight
in Chestnuts, but after a quick look
round the lake it became quite clear
that a large proportion of the lake’s
stock were sitting in the No.1 snags,
were looking really active, and I felt I
had a chance of a fish as they left the
snags at night. It couldn’t be better; it
was the last week of the season and I
was the only person on the venue.
By 7.15pm two single Vor-tex popup hookbaits were positioned on the
edge of the snags on multi-rigs tied
using the ESP Striptease Two-Tone in
silt finish and size 5 Stiff Riggers. With
the rods out I set up the brolly and
then made myself a quick meal. Dan
the bailiff popped in on his way out
from Fox Pool, and while we were
chatting, not 25 minutes after casting
out and while I was still eating my
food, I had what I thought was a savage liner off one of the rods. Dan commented that he thought I was in, but I
just said, “No, it’s just a liner” and I
ignored it and continued eating.
When the bobbin smashed into the
alarm a few seconds later though, I
realised it may not be just a liner. I put
my plate down and picked up the rod.
With that the rod hooped over, it was
clear that I was into a carp. I quickly
got the fish away from the snags and
after a short, hectic fight Dan slipped
the net under the Big Fully. I don’t
think Dan could believe how calmly I
had treated the situation, but I really
did think it was just a liner. Although
I had caught the Big Fully before, it
the Thursday. I had thought about
just staying on and using this as my
48-hour session, but that would have
meant going elsewhere, and I didn’t
fancy that. I stayed on the venue for
most of the day just walking round
and watching where the fish were,
and from what I had seen it was clear
they were back in the Dell snag. As I
pulled off for the evening I was praying that no one would turn up and go
in the swim. My intention was to fish
Fox Pool for the night, but I couldn’t
bring myself to do it, and I actually
slept in the car park at the back of my
van. That way I would hear if anyone
turned up. I set my alarm for 4am and
tried to get my head down.
I hardly slept, but eventually 4am
came and I got myself up and started
walking the lake for signs of fish
(Top) Chestnuts, home for a few days.
(Above) I had something special in
my net.
(Left) Plenty of water at hand at all


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