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A Special End to a Season
The side that people rarely show in
their pictures.
activity. As I walked the lake a few
fish started to show over by the Dell
snags. I sat watching for a while and
in that time I watched six shows. I
didn’t need to see any more and at
5am, with the aid of a head torch on a
bank stick in the back of the Dell, I
managed to cast a baited rig pretty
close to where I wanted it. I was
using the same setup as the one used
to catch the Fully but this time I
dropped just six 12mm Vor-tex freebies in while I was collecting the
torch. Just after I had cast the rod out,
Leon arrived to do his final 48-hour
session. If I had not got up until 5am I
would have probably not got the
swim, so I was glad I did. After a
quick chat he went off to set up in the
Hump and I set about getting my
other rod out.
With the rods out I then put a status up on Facebook that read as follows: “Back on the Road Lake for my
last session of the season. Just got the
rods out by torchlight, let’s see what
the lake treats me to. Orange Spot
would cap it off nicely!” Well, just 45
minutes later I received a take off the
Dell rod. As soon as I picked the rod
up I knew it was a good fish, as I
really struggled to get it away from
the snag. I ended up walking backwards with the rod locked up in an
attempt to literally drag it out of the
danger area. Fortunately for me this
t a c t i c w o r k e d, b u t n o t b e f o r e I
thought I had lost it when something
gave and there was a momentary
slackness before I connected once
again with the fish. Once away from
the snags it kited hard right and
almost snagged me in the Secret margin. With a bit of effort I slowly made
progress, and after a while I had the
fish back in front of me. It wasn’t over
there though, as whatever I was
attached to decided it wanted to head
left and try to seek the sanctuary of
another snag. I gave nothing though,
and kept some sort of control over the
Eventually, I netted a decent sized
carp, but on looking in the net I was
unsure which fish it was, that was
until I rolled the fish in the net to get
a look at its side. It was then that I
realised what fish it was due to a
bright orange spot on its lower flank. I
had in fact just caught the very fish I
had written about – Orange Spot! I
got Leon round to help out, and
between us we weighed it at a massive 39lb 2oz, the biggest it has ever
been. I then popped it back in the net
and called good old Dave Magalhaes
to see if it would be possible for him
to shoot over and do me some pictures. He kindly agreed and said he
would be about 20 minutes, so with
that I left the fish in the deep margin
and until he arrived. At one point the
fish tried to make a bid for freedom
and almost jumped out, but luckily for
me it didn’t make it over the arm of
the net.
As soon as Dave arrived we did the
pictures and got the fish back none
the worse for wear. I was buzzing as I
had finished off my season with the
fish I most wanted from the Road
Lake. Orange Spot was the fish I initially started fishing the lake for and
to get it on my first season was a right
result. There was still a chance of
another though, as I was only a few
hours in to my 48-hour session and I


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