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A Special End to a Season
Such a stunning fish.
had plenty of fish in the area.
Throughout the day a few fish
showed over in the Dell including a
really good fish that jumped out twice
right in front of the snags. I felt sure
something more was going to happen
that day but it didn’t, and as I got my
head down that night I wondered
whether it would happen early in the
I got up a little before 5am in the
hope of seeing fish showing in front of
me but all I saw were tench. The
morning passed quietly, but as the
afternoon came, so did the shows.
There were ripples coming out of the
Dell most of the afternoon and then
from about 3.30pm the fish started
showing. All of the shows were just
off the front of the snags and yet the
ripples always came from the back of
them. There were clearly a good few
fish present and I felt sure I would get
a bite. It didn’t happen though and
when I got up early the following
morning I was surprised to see fish
showing all over the lake. I had a couple of liners off the other rod a just
after 4am and then a good fish rolled
right over the bait at 7.24am but noth-
ing came of it.
I eventually packed up that morning after watching so much activity
that I thought whoever went in
behind me would surely catch. As I
loaded the van I felt more than a little
happy with how my season had gone
on the Road Lake. Considering things
started off really slow for me, I’d
ended up having had a total of 18
bites from the place, 12 of which came
since November when I joined Sticky
Baits. It was clear that the carp liked
the bait, and I can’t wait to get back
on there in June.
On Monday 19th of March news
broke that Cemex had decided to sell
off the angling side of the business,
and at the moment we are all a little
unsure what the future holds for the
anglers that fish the waters. There are
all sorts of rumours going about at the
moment, but before we all go ranting
and raving about things, think of the
people that are more than likely losing
their jobs and even their homes
because of this decision – it’s these
people that you have to feel for. Let’s
hope something positive happens
and the lakes continue to stay as they
are, as cracking venues that have
given, and still do give, so many people pleasure. I’ll leave it there for this
month. Till next time… n
Having a moment for myself.


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