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Baitzone Ziggy
Spod MixTips
By Tim Childs
espite the recent
cool weather the
summer is well and
truly here, and this
month I thought I’d
look at a brand new
item from Baitzone, their Ziggy Spod
mix. This dry mix is a lovely groundbait type mix with a number of carp
attracting goodies mixed into it. It’s
an ideal mix for spodding over suspended or surface type baits. This
method of fishing has become very
popular in recent years, and with the
growth of match orientated carp
angling on heavily stocked waters, zig
fishing can be a superb way of catching loads of fish. Spodding sloppy
groundbait over zigs is of course
nothing new; it’s been dominating
some of the heavier stocked waters in
Oxford for years and is a great way of
stimulating large numbers of fish into
feeding, especially on clear, deep
waters where zigs can be so effective.
Baitzone have put together an excel-
Mix in the water well.
Add lake water until you get the right consistency.
The new Ziggy Spod mix from
lent light fluffy mix that when mixed
with water clouds up beautifully, creating a superb effect and is sure to get
those carp hunting around for small
items of food as they waft slowly
down through the water column.
The basic mix is fine on its own and
more than effective, but there are so
many items that can be added to the
mix to make it unique and different to
what anyone else might be using on
your water. Remember though, try
not to add too many heavy items if
using this as an attractor when fish-
ing zigs; you don’t want items like
whole boilies in there as this will only
encourage the fish to visit the bottom
and feed there, and that will defeat
the object of fishing zigs totally. As a
rule I like to add things like very small
pellets such as the Baitzone Bloodworm pellets or hempseed to the mix
– not a lot, just a little something to
get a bit of food in the water but
something that is still a little buoyant
or light in weight. Tuna flakes are a
perfect item to add to any sloppy mix
as they are both light and full of oily


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