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Baitzone Ziggy Spod Mix Tips
At this point you can add any
additives you require…
…as well as the more conventional spod.
…including any liquids and
natural attraction. Very small (2-4mm)
floater pellets can also be added to
the mix, and although these will obviously float it gives the mix a added
dimension as you’ll have attraction at
the surface, midwater and on the bottom. There are a number of ready prepared bag and stick type mixes that
can be added to any slop mix, and the
choice is down to you. Richworth do
a couple of excellent ones along with
their trout or halibut powders that can
be added to give off a lovely fishy
attraction. Along with this I like to
add a splash or two of liquids to aid
attraction, and their salmon oil or new
Stik-Quid liquid additives are an
excellent addition, as once again
these will fall through the water leaking off those all-important food signals.
Once you’ve chosen your mix and
Spombing is a superb way of introducing the mix…
Ziggy Spod mix can be balled up like
conventional groundbait.
added enough lake water to get the
right sloppy consistency, delivery into
the area you’re fishing couldn’t be
easier. Both Spombing and regular
spodding make perfect vesicles to get
the mix out into the lake. I try and look
for a spod with plenty of holes to
allow any mix to wash out easily.
The Ziggy Spod mix can of course
be made slightly firmer and balled out
like groundbait in a more conventional way. If this is your preferred
method, remember your bait will sink
much quicker and settle on the bottom as apposed to falling through the
Ok, finally a couple of pointers
worth mentioning when fishing this
method: firstly it’s messy, so always
have plenty of clean water and a
towel to wash hands and tackle –
believe me, when you get going your
spod gear gets covered! The method
seems to work well on the heavier
stocked waters like Drayton reservoir
in the Midlands as well as Brasenose
1 and 2 at Linear Fisheries or Layer
pits in Essex. It’s these types of


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