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Baitzone Ziggy Spod Mix Tips
waters where the method can be
deadly. Remember this is a method
where you need to keep busy, and
regular casting is a must. I try and fish
a couple of rods close together, perhaps trying the zigs at different
depths or with different hookbaits,
then using both line markers and the
reel’s line clip to get both the fishing
rods and the spod rod clipped at the
same distance. It’s no use whacking
mix all over the swim at different distances, as you’ll just move the fish
The Ziggy Spod mix is available in
large ten-litre buckets where you get
4kg of dry mix, which gives you a
good 8-10kg of fished bait without
any additional items. Each bucket has
a RRP of just £14.99.
If you’re looking to do some serious
zig rig fishing and want to give spodding slop mix over the top a go this
summer then have a look at the new
Ziggy Spod mixes from Baitzone; I’m
sure you’ll be impressed.
Fo r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n g o t o n
Summer is the time for sloppy spod mixes.
As you can see, the cloud effect is superb.


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