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Revenge is Sweet
The Essex Manor (Aka Dollop city) by Robbie Fielding
restarted my campaign on the
manor in March this year, I
was fishing a couple of over
nighters a week whilst keeping the Super K(Baitcraft)
going in. I was struggling to
get a bite as a couple of fish started to
come out to other anglers. Towards
the end of march on around my 10th
overnighter and nothing to show for
my effort, I went onto zigs as it started
to warm up.
I was in the Rope when the right
hand rod ripped off and I picked up
the rod and started battle with a large
fish on 10 lb line. Mark Stubbles came
over and offered to land the beast
after a dogged fight and we managed
to net the fish. We both straight away
reckongnised her as the Northern Linear, I ran to my bivvy to grab my
scales when Mark said to me “Rob
she is foul hooked in the front peck”
To say I was gutted, was an understatement...
So we returned her, No pics, No
weight and No fish, But a promise to
myself that I would have her again,
Fair and square. I managed a couple
more nights and it started to get busy
so I pulled off for a month or so. I
started back there a week or so into
May, Id managed another three
overnighters. On Monday 14th May I
returned and nothing was showing,
so I set up in the steps which is in the
center of the lake. As good a place as
any I thought, But at around 10 pm
fish starting showing in the Rope.
One after the other, The temptaion
was to good so I packed up and
moved into the Rope, The problem
now is, If I start casting around the
fish will do the off and my chances
would be shattered, So I waited and
hour and watched the water to see
where the fish were showing the
I changed my leads to 1½ oz and
flicked the right hand rod up along
the rope to the area where fish were
showing. It landed in soft silt and light
silkweed, I was’nt to keen but thats
where they were showing. Now for
the next half hour I catapulted 50
baits, One at a time so I didnt spook
the fish in the area and then I flicked
the other two out with singles casts in
the rings of showing fish on other
spots Id fished before, and then
flicked out some bait one at a time...
I got my head down confident my
left or middle rod was going to burst
into life, But at 430am my right hand
r o d, t h e s a m e r o d t h a t h a d f o u l
hooked the Northern Linear was in
melt down and line was peeling from
the reel and my neville was screaming, I ran down armed with one shoe
and half my eyesite and bent into the
fish, Which had other ideas and just
kept peeling line off, And at first I
thought I was into one of the manors
After a short while I woke up and
realised what was going on and I
could feel an angry carp holding deep
and taking line when ever it wanted. I
started butting the fish trying to get it
to rise in the water.
After 15 mins she starting to tire
and I got her back to the ledge, When
she screamed off again. I got her back
for the second time and netted her
first time. I never thought anything of
it as it was dark still and just starting
to get light.
I grabbed my scales and my mat
and opened the net and realised I had
the Northern “Again” on my right
hand rod but nailed in the bottom
lip...Buzzing is not the word. I
weighed her at 53.02 lb a new UK PB
and Metal Mickey(Michael Dickson)
Done the honours with the camera,
Super K doing the biz again... n


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