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Off to a Flier
30lb 3oz.
and then made some solid bags with
the crush and a few whole TNTs.
The next day I had two fish out of
the margin no more than a rod length
out, which weighed in at 27lb 1oz and
30lb 9oz. It looked good for
another bite but it was not to be,
which left me with no more action.
Another move was called for in the
next 48 hours but I couldn’t get anywhere near the fish for a whole
week as they sat in the middle of the
lake. As all swims were taken, I
decided on and going home for a
shower and to collect some more bait
from Steamies HQ.
On Tuesday 8th May I managed to
finally get in a swim with fish in front
of me, and armed with fresh supplies I
was feeling confident of the old baits
doing their magic. I was fishing up
the side of an island on a couple of
spots that I’ve caught on many times
before. As I sat there watching the
water, I noticed a few fish pass over
another area on the island margin at
about 80 yards range, so I put a few
baits out and left the spot alone while
I tried my luck at some floater fishing
with no joy.
After the sun started to fade and
with no fish on the surface in the
swim, it was time to cast my rods
back out, only this time one rod went
out on the spot I had seen fish over
and baited. I couldn’t believe it when
20 minutes later I had a take. After a
hair raising battle with the fish trying
to make the sanctuary of the island
bushes I had another of the
lake’s jewels at 38lb 7oz, which
was one I had at 40-plus the year
before on the same bait. This proved
my hunch for action was right, and I
knew there would be a few more
After that the spot came alive, and
the action hotted up as I took fish of
20lb 1oz, 30lb 3oz, 30lb 2oz and unbelievably another biggie of 41lb 2oz. It
seemed like ages before it was in the
net and looking at it I knew which fish
it was. I was certain it was going go
40-plus, notching up my 7th UK 40 on
the steamed balls of goodness.
Typically, the next day came all too
quickly, and the next day I had to
move again, which resulted in fish of
22lb 2oz and a 24lb 4oz. I felt like I
needed to move to keep on them and
ended up just past where I had the
second 40lb from,
The next morning I had a 26lb 6oz
and lost two to finish off the session. I
had 11 fish in total along with around
20 bream ranging from around 7.5lb
to 10.5lb and an 8lb 2oz tench. Rigs
consisted of 8in or 6in 10lb hooklink,
size 10 hook and home made 3oz
leads, rods were 30Plus 3lb tc Radars.
Reels were Shimano Long Casts.
I used 15lb mainline and all fish
were caught on pop-ups and snowman presentations consisting of
16mm pop-ups or 14mm bottom baits
and 12mm pop-ups, critically balanced, from the Individual Baits stable. n


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