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Carp Capture App – Questions and Answers
Q: So, Jules tell me a bit about
yourself and your fishing
A: Well, I’ve been carp fishing now for
almost 25 years. I try and get out as
much as I can but having two girls
makes weekend sessions tricky for
me, so I tend to save up holiday and
get at least two weeks (maybe three
depending on the missus) each year
in France.
Q: PB mirror? PB common?
A: 70lb 2oz mirror and 60lb 12oz common.
Q: Carp Capture app – what the
story behind it?
A: I had the idea about 20 years ago
to record the weight of your catches
on the photo itself, but the technology
just wasn’t available, and neither
were my funds to put into the development! After looking around for over
a y e a r, I f i n a l l y f o u n d t h e r i g h t
designer who could develop it for me,
and that’s really where it started. The
app was in development for 18
months and another six months’ fieldtesting it. So, it’s great to finally see it
available for people to use.
Q: What are the benefits of it?
How is it going to help me?
A: The main purpose of the app is
that it records the weight of your
catches at the time that you take the
photo. Rather than using the camera
on your phone, you simply open the
app and click on to the “Enter
weight” tab, pop the weight in via two
scrolling wheels and then click “Take
photo”. The weight of your catch will
then display on all of your photos.
Q: Sounds pretty simple…
A: Yes, it’s really user friendly. I’ve
tried to keep it as simple as possible
for people to use.
Q: So once you’ve taken the
photo then what?
A: All of your photos will save into the
apps Gallery, just as it would on your
phone. If you open the Gallery there is
a “SHARE” function, which enables
you to share your photos to Facebook,
Instagram or Twitter via a simple oneclick facility. People really like this
function, and I’ve had some really
great feedback about how easy it is.
Q: OK, but I’ve got photos on
my phone already. Can I add
the weight to these in the app?
A: Yes, Rob… no probs. This is a benefit of the upgraded version of the
app. Users can import a photo from
their phone’s gallery and overlay the
weight of the fish, which will then
save into the gallery, just as if they
were on the bank!
Q: Is that the only benefit of
A: No, mate. There are quite a few
benefits including being able to add
extra text to your photos, which will
appear in the ribbons underneath the
weight one. A lot of people I’ve seen
like adding the swim they’re in, the
fish name, if it has one, and I’ve even
seen people recording which rod it
was. You can also choose from 12 different colour schemes and also move
the weight ribbon (and lake logo if it’s
downloaded) to your choice of position on the screen – basically you
choose which corner and colour you
want it in.
Q: It all sounds good, Jules.
What’s the cost to upgrade?
A: I’ve kept costs to a minimum for
the first year and it’s £9.99 for a full 12
months, which is available as an inapp purchase.
Q: That sounds good value to
A: I think for what you’re getting, it’s
great value, Rob. If you think what you
spend on tackle, bait, clothing and all
the other bits you buy, a tenner for a
full year upgrading on the app is
nothing really.
Q: You mentioned about a lake
having their logo on the app as
well. Tell me about that.


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