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A: It’s not just lakes that can have
their logo on there. Tackle manufacturers and bait suppliers can also
have their logo available for download
on the app. Once I’ve received and
have uploaded the logo, we provide a
unique four-digit code. People then
enter this code into the app, which
will download the logo and it will
appear on all of their photos.
Q: So, what’s the benefit of a
lake having their logo on the
A: There are lots of benefits. The main
one in my opinion is that they can
import photos, upload their logo and
use those photos for their own promotional use, but it’s also a great way
for them to monitor the weight and
health of their stock. They can see a
fish come out in March at 20lbs, in
June at 24lbs and October at 26lbs so
they know it’s healthy and putting on
weight. I also personally think having
their logo on the app gives something
back to their clients, as people like
showing off where they fish.
Q: Many lakes signed up so far?
A: It’s a work in progress, mate, and
I’m adding logos on a regular basis. If
people would like their logo on the
app so it’s available for people to
download, then they can just send it
to me. There is a one-off cost for this,
but it’s a low cost.
Q: Sounds like things are going
A: Well, we’ve now had almost 2,000
downloads since it was launched a
few weeks ago and a really decent
level of people upgrading to experience the full benefits, so yeah, we’re
happy so far.
Q: What are the plans moving
A: I would like to add more benefits
like a self-take function and photo
editing, but that is in the plans for the
Great, Jules. Thanks for your time.
The app sounds and looks great and
will be something I will use for my
own fishing! I always forget the
weight of my fish, so this is a great
app, and I wish you all the best with it
moving forward. I hope people get
behind you on it, use it on a regular
basis and equally upgrade, as that
really does make a difference to the
overall experience. Good luck. n
Eco-camping is on the up
Ditch single-use plastic on your next camping trip with the 2in1 LifeSaver Liberty
From oceans choked with plastic to
rapidly melting glaciers, awareness of
the impact our actions have on the
planet has soared over the last couple
of years, and in line with this, sustainable travel is on the rise*. Embrace
the trend and eliminate environmentharming single-use plastic from your
next camping trip with a portable
LifeSaver Liberty. With nearly a million plastic bottles being sold every
minute worldwide and news that less
than a fifth of all plastic is recycled
globally, making small steps to reduce
our plastic footprint has never been
more crucial. Whether wild camping
or encountering dodgy-looking tap
water at the campsite, the LifeSaver
Liberty offers a great alternative to
buying (and carrying!) bottled mineral
A 2in1 water bottle and in-line fil-
ter, the innovative LifeSaver Liberty is
capable of purifying the equivalent of
an incredible 4,000 plastic bottles**.
Compact enough to take on the move,
the Liberty has an innovative design
that can be used as both a portable
water bottle and a powerful inline
pump to provide clean water to a
Requiring no additional power or
chemicals, the bottle’s hand pump
creates air pressure internally, which
forces water through the advanced
ultrafiltration membrane, making it
easy to drink naturally without any
strenuous sucking. The treated water
is also passed through an activated
carbon filter, which removes any
unwanted tastes or odours for a freshtasting and refreshing drink.
Supplied complete with a Scavenger hose, the Liberty can also be
used to quickly pump purified water
directly from a natural water source
into other bottles or containers. For
increased convenience, the bottle’s
mouth is designed to screw directly
onto a Nalgene bottle so you can
quickly and easily pump clean water
straight inside without spillages or
contamination. This additional feature means that just one LifeSaver
Liberty™ could provide clean and
safe drinking water for a whole group.
Unlike other methods, there are no
long wait times or specific measuring
to contend with – simply pump the
water and drink with complete peace
of mind.
Compact to carry on everyday outings and benefiting from a tactile finish that’s comfortable to grip with
cold or wet hands, the Liberty also
features two transparent side windows that allow users to keep track of
water remaining. The bottle’s impressive filter is capable of treating 2,000L
– significantly more than many competitor products, meaning it offers
excellent value per litre filtered. For
added peace of mind, all LifeSaver
products feature the company’s FailSafe technology. Once the pores in
the filter’s membrane are blocked, it
no longer allows water to pass
through. This eliminates any guesswork or the risk of mistakenly drinking unfiltered water.
Don’t let dodgy water be a dampener on your next camping trip – stay
safe and sustainable with a LifeSaver
Liberty bottle and filter.
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