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GP Batteries Launches its New M-Series PowerBank
New powerbank series lets multiple devices be charged at the same time.
Ideal for charging your devices on the
go, GP Batteries’ PowerBank mobile
chargers ensure you never run out of
power when you need it most! The
new smaller, lighter M-Series is available in three capacities: 5000 mAh,
10,000 mAh and 15,000 mAh, offering
different charging capacities for different needs and comes in five striking aluminium casing colour options:
Red, Olive Green, Mid Teal, Orange
and Mid Grey. Perfectly sized, the slim
design M-Series fits perfectly in one
hand, while allowing you to comfortably continue using your smartphone
on top. The sleek aluminium design
makes it easy to carry around in your
pocket or handbag, while the anti-slip
rubber coated edges provide excellent grip to prevent dropping.
A key feature of the range is ‘pass
through charging’, which lets you
recharge your devices and the PowerBank at the same time. It is also
extremely safe and reliable, with
built-in protective features to keep
you and your devices safe. Designed
for smartphones, the 5000 mAh,
which measures 135x70x10mm and
weighs just 147g, is perfect for daily
commuters who prefer to carry less
size and weight. It provides up to two
extra charges for your smartphone,
features dual USB charging ports,
allowing you to charge up to two
devices at the same time and offers
s m a r t c h a r g i n g, e n s u r i n g y o u r
devices are charged at the optimal
Designed for smartphones, the latest laptops and other devices, the
10,000 mAh PowerBank, which measures 135x70x13.5mm and weighs
233g, is ideal for the average traveller
who prefers a balance between
power and weight and the latest
Android users. The 10,000 mAh
PowerBank provides up to four extra
charges for your smartphone, features
dual USB + Type-C charging ports,
allowing you to charge up to three
devices at the same and smart charging, to charge your devices at optimal
Fo r t h o s e w i t h p o w e r h u n g r y
devices such as laptops and users
with multiple devices to charge, who
prefer more power on the move, the
15,000 mAh PowerBank offers fast
charging on the go! It provides up to
six extra charges for your smartphone, features dual USB+ Type-C
charging ports, allowing you to
charge up to three devices at the
same and smart charging, to charge
your devices at optimal speed.The
10,000 and 15,000 M Series both feature Type-C USB, the latest in power
and data transfer technology. With
Type-C USB connections you can not
only charge the latest mobile phones
but also the new generation of Apple
Additionally the M series with
Type-C USB allows the user to programme the powerbank so they’re in
control of how power is transferred,
being able to decide when the Powerbank charges their laptop or if the laptop charges their powerbank, offering
the ultimate in convenience.
GP Batteries XPLOR Head Torches
GP’s new professional grade
XPLOR headtorches offer
unbeatable performance for
the serious outdoor enthusiast
and are powered by primary or
removable rechargeable batteries. This means once the
rechargeable battery reaches
its end of life you can easily
replace it without having to
replace your headtorch, as is the case
with other brands on the market,
again saving you money! GP’s new
XPLOR prosumer headlamps are ideal
for a multitude of activities when you
need to be hands free in low light
conditions including camping, walking, mountaineering, fishing, hunting
and professional outdoor use, and
even as an emergency light for your
The primary battery powered PH14
200lm (SRP £17.99) and PH15 300lm
(SRP £24.99), and rechargeable
PHR15 300lm (SRP £34.99)
offer different beam ranges
and key features include
reflective head strap for added
visibility in low light conditions, motion sensor brightness mode, distance sensor
with auto dimming, red LED
SOS, safety lock, up to 69
hours run time and IPX6 water
resistance. The PH14 200lm features
red night vision, spot and flood
beams, three brightness modes and a
flashing mode.
Offering a greater beam distance,
the PH15 300lm features a motion
activated sensor main beam, three
brightness modes, spot and flood
beams and a flashing mode. The
rechargeable PHR15 300lm comes
with GP’s ReCyko+ rechargeable batteries, which can be recharged via a
micro USB port built in to the headtorch. n


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