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Proven Particle With Pulling Power
we could, for instance, bringing the Multimix, a
spinoff from our best selling Partimix, but
without incorporating the nut aspect that are
somewhat banned on many venues, giving an
all-round grubbing blend without tigers but still
with renowned grade A carp catching
components throughout, as standard from
Cheshire Particle, while not being massed
produced in the process.
Our hemp, maize, red maize, maples, groats
and tares mix is a superb all-rounder with
massive grubbing properties and visual
attraction and has
withstood the test of time
since being introduced, with
many catch reports coming
back from this product as
well as other products too.
This since achieved world
record common carp is true
testament to the product
itself, creating attraction by
enticing such a beautiful creature to come
and feed. It was lured to the hook and caught
at a record weight for Lake Serene and new PB
for Terry Harbert and Cheshire Particle. Credit
where it’s due for Terry’s outstanding angling
and commitment to the cause… For a couple
of years, Terry has used our products with
rewarding results. In 2018 Terry and Nick had
another fantastic session on Lake Serene,
taking a massive haul of fish and another big
girl common at 94lb using the same Multimix.
and achievement. Terry has left this to us to put
it out to you, a true gentleman of the highest
order. Not many men of his calibre are left in
this world we live. Well done, Terry – we all have
dreams, and yours has probably just come true.
We hope we have done him proud, as he has
us. Our products are made to the best of our
ability, but the angler still needs to apply and
execute it correctly to get the best from it, as
Terry did on this memorable occasion.
Although a small business, we can still
produce quantity and quality stock in the way
of freshly prepared products on a daily basis
with a reputation for service and reliability.
Again, it’s times like this that proves the
decision that was made to launch Cheshire
Particle was surely the right one.
Cheshire Particle is truly honoured, blessed
and full of joy at this, and would like to thank
Terry for this probably once in a lifetime capture
Regards, Cheshire Particle.


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