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of exceptional
quality carp
fishing bait
A Catcher Bait original. A bird food based bait
with a coconut aroma instantly recognizable to
both anglers and carp alike! With a fine texture
and soluble content for year round use. This bait
has proven itself as a great attractor of carp,
catching literally thousands in its time. A truly
classic carp bait.
Golden Nut
The Golden Nut is NEW to Catcher Bait! A nut
derived bait with a soluble base promoting high
leakage and digestibility. The blending of nut in
both powdered and liquid form set this bait
apart. Until now this bait has been used
exclusively by us, the new owners of Catcher
Bait, for the last six years. During this time the
Golden Nut has accounted for many captures
including some very sought after carp
throughout Kent and beyond. As anglers it has
been a hard decision to let this edge go, but
having made the decision we are now looking
forward to seeing others benefit from the
Golden Nut.
Black Crab & Fruit
The Black Crab & Fruit is a Catcher Bait
original. A fishmeal based bait, boasting a
distinctive shellfish aroma with a subtle but
clearly detectable fruity undertone. A high
quality fishmeal ensures this bait is suitable for
year round use.
• Freshly rolled bait made to order with the finest ingredients at
competitive prices made by the angler for the angler
• All our ingredients are sourced from reputable quality
suppliers, along with locally sourced farm fresh eggs.
• Boilies, Pop ups, Wafters, Glugs, Hard hookers, Paste, Particles.
• Catcher Bait is now back up and rolling, under new ownership.
Contact us for orders and enquiries.
Call 07547 301698
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