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Elstow 2009 Season
e start this
month back at
We l l y. D u r i n g
the next four
weeks I was
ba c k do w n a t
Welly doing three-day sessions every
week, but I never caught another fish
during this period. The carp spawned
during my second session; I had
wound my rods in, went to the Goose
Shit swim, sat with one of the other
members, and we both watched
opened mouthed as the carp went
about their annual ritual. I say opened
mouthed because what we were
watching was an incredible amount
of seriously massive carp. There cannot be that many lakes in the country,
if any, with a stock level to rival
Wellington Country Park, and the
crazy thing is, the buggers are still
For the next three weeks I adopted
the same approach as my Bedfordshire venue – spodding. The only
trouble was it didn’t work while I was
there. What I got told shortly after-
(Above) Kingfisher at Welly – a proper
(Below) 33lb 10oz, back to Elstow and
first thirty of that session.
wards was that a couple of days after
leaving the lake the carp would turn
up and smash the area that had been
spodded up to bits. I did learn one
thing about the lake during the four
weeks that I fished it from the start of
new season, and that was how not to
go about fishing the place. Welly goes
through a weird period once the
weather starts to really get hot; the
carp just seem to totally switch off. So
after speaking to a few people who all
agreed with what I had been told (one
of the old members had told me to
leave the place alone until late
August), I decided to pull off for a little
The other lake was whispering to
me, and somewhere in my mind I
could hear her calling. There was
unfinished business awaiting me,
closer to home. I had made my mind


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